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001003006007008015016020I I know, I know I said I was on a blogging break, but I really miss it and I had five minutes of down time so had to sneak this in! I think it was late last year I posted about going to Clarks Village in Street and I went again recently so I thought I’d do a lesser seen ‘haul’ from me (I dislike that word slightly!) to give you an idea to what pretties can be found. Everything above is from the Yumi outlet shop there.

I was beyond delighted to spot this cameo bag. My Mum purchased one a while ago in grey and I have always been a little jealous! For the record, my Mum is one of those cool Mum’s with a fierce sense of style! I nabbed the bag for £20 instead of £40 something. It has a pretty chiffon scarf running through it, a dainty floral lining and a huge statement studded bow. It’s kind of perfect, to be honest! I also picked up a gorgeous, gorgeous pink clutch bag (although it does have a chain inside) with a stunning cameo on and amazing retro 1950s print. Me to an absolute T I absolutely LOVE it! Finally I spotted a little travel card holder. I live way, way, way out of London, I only ever go on trains and buses when I am in London, and it will probably only get used once in a while, but I am increasingly finding a need to be in London more these days. This is a far more attractive way to store an Oyster card! And you know the Jubilee and the Olympics and all, it seemed kind of suitable!

And that’s my lot. The Yumi outlet there is so lovely I seriously love it, and if you live near you should definitely visit. Has anyone ever been to Street and if not, what’s your favourite outlet shopping location? Oh and before I go, have you entered my Dahlia giveaway yet at my Facebook page? If not get on it pronto!



  1. I love the bag, it's gorgeous! x

    1. So glad you like, it's my new fave :) xoxo

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  3. Oh My Goodness! That bag is adorable! I love everything in these pictures. I swear, blog viewing always tends to lead to an unhappy wallet!


  4. The bag is just devine!

    You have a great blog. I'm your newest Bloglovin' member

    xx Mandi


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