My Jubilee Weekend

002012020028045053094Well today is the last bank holiday day for those who have it here it in the UK, but actually I have worked most of it and yet still enjoyed the festivities! I thought I would post a little picture post because it’s hard to explain the Jubilee theme party I was telling you all about yesterday. My Mum organised a little Jubilee party for the family in which we were all told to dress up in red, white and blue, and she had prepared a very British meal (we had mini beef wellingtons with our initials on!) which was accompanied by little gifts we all gave to each other. I was kindly given some gorgeous handmade Audrey Hepburn bottle cap earrings (due to much interest I have found you the link! You can buy the earrings here), and some little penguin earrings my Mum got in South Africa!

So yes it’s been such a lovely weekend and I thoroughly enjoyed the concert last night and the service today. The Queen looked so lovely in her mint suit today and of course Kate looked as stunning as ever in her nude lace dress. Thoughts my lovelies? I was such an embarrassing fan girl last night on Twitter as I’m a massive Elton John and Paul McCartney fan so my night was made. Oh how I wish I could have been there! Were any of you lucky enough to be present in any of the weekends events?

I’m going to be semi M.I.A this month as I have a lot of work to do for my shop, but I will fit in blogging where I can! Much ♥



  1. Aw everything looks lovely. Looks like you had a great bank holiday! X

  2. Sounds like a lovely day! I love the earrings, they're so cool. I've posted about my jubilee celebrations, check it out! :)

    Julia x

  3. That fruit union jack is amazing!! So creative! I really wish I'd been able to have a jubilee party but I'm still in the midst of revision so I just enjoyed the festivities from afar (: xxx

  4. Aww adorable! I went to a Jubilee tea party. Sometimes I just love being British! xx

  5. Aw, I wish I'd had some jubilee celebrations, it looks like so much fun!

  6. Aw you went ALL out, i love it!! Almost feel quite bad for my 'lame bike ride under bunting excuse for celebrations!!!!' Love the pics xxx

  7. Kate looked beautiful as always! Your Mum did a really good job, the party looks so cute and fun and those earings are such a good idea.


  8. The food looks so good and I bet it was so much fun :) I had a jubilee tea party which I really enjoyed! Great post.

    Tanesha x

  9. I love how you created the UK flag out of del-ish fruit! Very original!
    Wish I'd lived in the UK to celebrate Jubilee weekend as well :(

    Elena- blue velvet

  10. this looks and sounds like a perfect weekend! x


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