Meadham Kirchhoff SS12 Inspired Hair Clips


So this month will be the start of endless new products listed to my shop, so I really hope you enjoy everything! I was seriously inspired by the amazing Meadham Kirchhoff this season (watch it in all it’s crazyness above!) to create these little deer bobby pin clips and they can be purchased in brown and pink, but more colours will be available soon. I love them so much, I’ve wanted to show you for ages now, but I try to space my products out rather than just uploading them all at once. Happy shopping! And if you’re a big fan of this collection, stay tuned to my blog and Youtube because the collection will be heavy featured in my little DIY videos :).



  1. Oh so cute!! I love the pink design :)

  2. Aw they're so sweet :) x

  3. ahh they are so adorable! xo

  4. This has got to be my fave SS12 trend eeeasily. Sort of reminds me of rainbow bright. nd love ur hair clips…excited to see more new bits xxx

  5. VERY cute and original! You definitely feel like a child again when you have such funny clips pinned to your hair.
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    Elena- blue velvet


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