A little update….

So I feel like I should probably be a bit sensible this month and take a little blogging break. Please let me stress that I love nothing more than blogging, but at this moment in time I need to concentrate on my shop. I am supplying for a lot of events this year and I’m the process of getting extra help, designing new ideas and most importantly of course, making! I cannot believe I am so, so lucky to be able to call something I love so dearly my job, and it is because of this that I must put all my energy into being the best I can be. The next few weeks will be the busiest and then blogging will resume! I also have a lot of Youtube videos nearly edited that I want to upload.

In my absence please let me know what kind of posts you want to see more of, and what DIY tutorials you would like to see. I won’t be completely away at all as I have a few schedueled posts that will make their way into the blogosphere, but otherwise I won’t be working on any new content. I very much look forward to getting back into a regular routine, and I’m bursting with ideas for both my blog and Youtube, so I cannot wait to get started! Oh, and if you want to email me, it’s probably best to go through my shop email as that is the one I am most active on.

Yet again a million thanks to all my incredible readers. I love you all muchly! ♥



  1. Good luck with your shop


  2. Good luck with your shop! Glad to hear it's all going well :) xx

  3. Glad your shop is going so well, hope it doesn't get too stressful for you :) xx


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