Weekend Crafting

026025023013This weekend has been so, so productive and to be honest it just had to be as I have so much to get through at the moment what with market summer season upon us. Well actually I wasn’t going to post any previews here, there or anywhere, but last weekend I was asking for fabric requests on Twitter and I had an overwhelming amount wanting Disney. It seems everyone is a fan! Now I already have my infamous Bambi print as a wire headband so I went on a little fabric shopping spree and picked some more fabrics I hope you all like. So far I have Disney princesses but I have more on the way. Everything purchased above is literally 10% of lovely new stuff which will be on sale in June. So excited for you all to see!

In other news I am using my Facebook page for my shop so much more at the moment. I think it suddenly dawned on me that we are in the 21st century and I need to be more involved in social media! To be honest I’m not totally out of the loop, I love Twitter and I’m a huge fan of Pinterest but I’ve never been much a Facebook person. Anyway, I am going to invest more time in it as I can already tell how important it is for uploading photos and what not. So, could you, my gorgeous readers, do me a huge favour and like the page? All you have to do is click here and that’s it! As a thank you, I will be holding very exciting giveaways, so be sure to keep an eye out!

I hope you’ve all had a lovely weekend, and hope you love the above so far! As always, I love to hear any requests you have.



  1. Oh my oh my I need the Sleeping beauty Bow! xx

  2. Love the Bambi & the Princess bows!

  3. oh my goodness! They are so cute! Well done! x

  4. oh my miss you hv been busy?!xxx

  5. I love that Bambi bow - far too cute to ignore!

  6. Wow they are just amazing So so cute and so professional looking I love it!


  7. Look at all these beautiful ribbons to make any hair fall in love! I love the materials of them all, so intriuging! xx


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