REVIEW: Vidal Sassoon Tangle Free Hot Air Styler


A little while ago I was kindly offered the chance to try out one of Vidal Sassoon’s latest hair styling products and I decided the tangle free hot air styler would be really interesting to test as I have been looking to try a hot air styling wand for a while now. Before I begin this review, here’s a little company description of said product:

With two attachments and a curl release switch, creating your hair style could not be easier. The Vidal Sassoon Tangle Free Hot Air Styler is perfect for adding lift and volume at the root or creating gentle curls and flicks. Complete with 2 brush sizes of 19mm and 25mm give ease of styling on towel-dried hair, no matter what hair type you have.For use on towel dried hair, two brush sizes of 19 and 25mm give ease of styling, no matter what hair type you have.2 attachments.

So basically this comes with two brush sizes, and from my experience with hair styling products, the smaller brush is better suited to shorter styles, and the larger for long hairstyles. I did try the 19mm brush for review purposes but to be honest it was as I imagined and just not up to the job for my hair type. The 25mm brush however is perfect for my very thick, long hair. As this is so, my hair can feel very heavy and look very flat around the crown.

As you can see from the awful photo on the left, this is my hair after washing and slightly towel tried (plus hideous make up free face, gah!). I then experimented with the hot air styler immediately but this is a bit silly if your hair is as long as mine (yes it does warn you to use it on towel-dried hair, but, I’m kind of impatient and was excited to try it out!). It’s much better to dry your hair with a hair dryer until it’s dry, but also very slightly damp. I then took the brush and used it exactly how I would blow dry my hair (it makes the same noise as a hair dryer!) and aha, wonderful results! Basically the brush blows hot air through the thick plastic bristles, it doesn’t rotate or anything like that, and is great for adding volume, curls or flicks. Now for the latter, absolute perfection, I can create gorgeous effortless 70s Farrah Fawcett esque flicks in seconds, but the volume part for my hair is a little tricky. What I did in the end was dry my hair with it entirely and I then took the 19mm brush and held it to my roots for a few seconds and this made SUCH  a difference. So whilst the 19mm couldn’t style my hair overall, for mini backcombing volumising effects, it really worked for me!

Overall once you play around with brush attachments and things like that, and purely get used to the technique of using a product like this, it’s a lovely thing to have in your hair routine. I love using this the way I have mentioned above, but the only downside it that it left my hair very slightly flyaway, but it’s nothing a little serum couldn’t sort out!

So what are your thoughts on hot air stylers? Do any of you own this, or any other? This product is an absolute steal at £12.99, fantastic stuff! You can purchase it from Argos, and many other places I am sure. I have included an utter cringe videos because I know it’s useful for reviews like this. Please ignore the bare face, ahh!

REST IN PEACE VIDAL SASSOON, 1928-2012Image Credit

This post is dedicated to the inspirational Vidal Sassoon who sadly passed early earlier this month. He was a total artist and craftsman who revolutionised hairdressing and his impact on the fashion world will be forever be remembered ♥.



  1. This looks really handy, I want to try one now.
    Your hair looks great and we have the same dress :) xx

  2. Lovely review sweet! This looks like a really nifty little product! Xo

  3. Your hair looks gorgeous xx


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