REVIEW: Montagne Jeunesse Break Out Mask Skin Heroes Collection

003006067So as you know I am testing out the new Skin Heroes collection for Montagne Jeunesse and after detoxing my skin with the lovely nose strips, I can now upload my face mask reviews. I thought I would start off with the ‘Break Out mask’ because the last week or so my skin has got into such a disgusting state as I’m just trying to get used to some new medication which clearly hates my skin.  Apart from re-boosting my Healthy Skin Diet big time I thought this mask might do some good as well.

This face mask, like the others from the Skin Heroes collection, has two sections within the sachet. The first is the mask, and secondly a soothing moisturiser/lotion which goes hand-in-hand with the benefits of the mask. The mask element is of a mud like consistently (not actual proper mud, I mean as in your typical mud mask!) with a dash or two of spot busting Tea Tree, soothing Canadian Willowher™ and calming Witch Hazel.

First of all this mask is not something I would recommend for sensitive skin. As soon as I had applied it my skin was tingling like mad and I thought about removing it there and then, but after a few uncomfortable seconds it changed to just feeling really soothing, but I did remove it after 15 minutes as I felt it may have made my skin too dry to leave it on a further 5 minutes. When I removed the mask all the redness had gone which I was delighted about! I then applied the moisturiser and my skin looked a little pink-ish, but then suddenly then looked really calm and soothed.

Overall this is a mask I wouldn’t recommend for sensitive or dry skin as I stated above however if you have oily skin, or even combination you might love the quick redness relieving benefits of this one. I’m actually really shocked it soothed my redness as I thought it might aggravate my skin further if anything. I currently am sporting a few blemishes which obviously the face mask didn’t remove, but it would be unfair to judge a fair mask for not doing that straight away! Another surprising reaction is that my skin is after 15 minutes of applying the moisturiser silky soft. Very impressed with this ability from a face mask aimed at oilier skins!

To read a bit more about this range and the mask definitely click here. One sachet retails at about £1.49 which is pretty good for a mask and a moisturiser.

Would love to know what you think of any of the face masks from Montagne Jeunesse!



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