REVIEW: LUSH 9 to 5 Cleansing Lotion

001003005006Have you ever had those moments when you simply cannot be bothered to take off your make up? My hand is well and truly up, and I know I’m not the only one! And you know what, it’s kind of no excuse to feel this way in this age where cleansing wipes are so readily available, however for me, they dry my skin out, and although I absolutely adore my beloved Good Things cleansing wipes, I find it a little costly to keep buying things like this as most packs contain say a months worth at most. Then one day I realised that I hadn’t yet tried LUSH’s 9 to 5 cleanser. Now this might be new to most, but actually it is a very, very old formula of Mark’s (aka, LUSH big boss), from back in the early days of his career with the Body Shop and beyond.

This is truly the essence of simplicity when it comes to make up removal. Lovingly made by steeping fresh dove orchids in almond oil overnight, and then straining the petals out, the infused oil is then used as the base for this cleanser that you simply add to a cotton pad and apply directly to the skin. I gently rub the cotton pad in circular motions all over to remove my make up, and there’s no water or flannel in sight. Gentle is indeed key here. I love how this so effortlessly removes dirt and grease and leaves my skin feeling so, so soft, I cannot even begin to explain. What’s more is my skin isn’t red, which for me is a major skin issue that I constantly battle with, and it has a lovely light fragrance of honeysuckle and ylang ylang. If I remove my make up with a cleansing wipe, it’s pretty much 9 times out of 10 red afterwards. If you wear a lot of make up this may be too gentle, which I guess may be the only downside,  and it may defeat very heavy eye make up.

I love this cleanser so, so much and if I’m feeling rubbish and unable to move from bed or something (ugh, Monday night flashbacks of chronic stomach pain is coming back to me!) then this is honestly a lifesaver and is proudly placed by my bedside table at all times. And the name of the cleanser, 9 to 5 after the Dolly Parton song of course, is so cute and as Lush say is ‘in recognition that today’s woman often has very little time in a busy schedule’. There are two sizes available, the one I own, 95g for £4.50, or 240g for £8.95.

So there’s really no excuse for not removing your make up properly girlies! Let me know what you use for make up removal, and if  you’ve tried this product, what your opinions are. If you want more information click here.



  1. LUSH is amazing. This sounds lovely, I hate coming home and just wanting to crawl into bed but know I have to take my make-up of first!


  2. Ooh this sounds fab! I've just bought the Lush Tea Tree Toner and I'm currently loving that so maybe this is the next step. Every night is a "I can't be bothered" night for me, so this is probably perfect. I suffer from redness too so it's good to know it won't irritate it any more - the worst thing is taking off my make up and then putting a new lot on in preparation for a night out and I just have a massive red face :( boo hoo! xxx

  3. I think this post come up on my time feed at the perfect time! I just finished my cleanser and looking for a new one, and thhis seems to look great! I love lush skincare. I have their 'breath of fresh air' toner and love it! xo

  4. I need to try this - I bought the Ultrabland cleanser last time I was in Lush but it doesn't take my make up off at all; it's very oily and I think is more suited to those who don't wear much make up so I think this would be better as an alternative due to the consistency. Thanks for the review! X

  5. This sounds great. May have to pop into Lush when payday comes :) x

  6. I love your product reviews :) I tried this not so long ago after always always being an Ultrabland girl. I have to say….i have a bottle for emergencies but i went out and bought some Ultrabland the day after. While i loved the way it made my cheeks and face feel, it really really made my eyes sting. I only wear a little bit of mascara and not heavy eye make up at all, but this just didnt shift it. But i could just have sensitive eyes i guess. Its going to take an awful lot to beat Ultrabland…..

    Sal x


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