NOTD: Sephora by OPI Betsey Johnson ‘It’s My Pink!’ Too Too Scented Nail Polish

011014015016So back in February I was beyond excited that Betsey Johnson would be teaming up with Sephora and OPI to release a fun nail polish and accessories collection. Well this collection has been out for a while, and I’m majorly late to the party, but this is because in that post the lovely Forever Ugly Duckling informed me that OPI are now owned by Coty, a company notorious for animal testing. I was so, so disappointed to read this and just knew that morally I didn’t want to own anything from this collection however much I love Betsey.

Fast forward a teeny bit and I decided to do some research as the news saddened me so much. I was delighted to find this blog post from Death By Polish who wrote to PETA, who kindly replied to the concern stating that: “We are very pleased to report that PETA has received written confirmation from OPI assuring us that its animal-testing policy will not change and that its products will remain cruelty-free.” PHEW! This delighted me as OPI is such a huge driving force in the nail industry, and for them to suddenly change their ethics would be totally devastating.

As a result of the above, I decided to purchase some items from the collection although obviously because of the above, I left it quite late and things were selling out. My lovely, lovely Etsy girl Andrea from Cutie Dynamite kindly purchased some bits for me as Sephora do not ship to the UK, but we got round that little issue with her buying the items, me paying her back, and then sending them onto me! She is a total star! The first thing I got was of course the total headliner in this collection, the ‘It’s My Pink!’ polish with Betsey’s signature Too Too fragrance. This is the epitome of a hot pink, and truly is Betsey in a bottle. The brush was a little different to other OPI shades I have tried, and the formula was much thicker, but actually this resulted in only needing two coats. As soon as I opened the bottle I was eager to get the lovely scent of Too Too but yuck, what hits you initially is that revolting chemical nail polish smell! But rest assured, once it sets in and dries nicely you get a lovely subtle scent which is actually very pleasant, and quite a few people think it’s my actual perfume, and not my nails!

So yes, a very rare nail post from me today! To be honest I feel like I have moved on from nail posts for the most part. Don’t get me wrong, I love, love doing them, but my nails are so disgusting these days I feel like it’s not a good way for people to see the shades and nail art is impossible currently! But I’d love to know if anyone else picked up anything from this collection and what you think. To be honest I think I am more delighted at the news OPI are staying true to their ethics, as I have been selling off my stash since I found out about the handover!



  1. Pretty nail colour! I'm trying to find the perfect bubblegum pink atm, do you know of anywhere? :)

    1. Ooooh perfect bubblegum pink. Have you tried Nubar? I adore their range xoxo

  2. Gorgeous colour, I will definitely be looking at this collection when I go to Florida in 2 weeks :-)

  3. I'm really glad that OPI stuck to their ethics. I've never heard of nail varnish with a scent, it sounds fab!
    R xx


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