My Weekend in the Sun


I really don’t like posting after early evenings anymore but I thought it would be fun to share with you some photos from my weekend, well, Saturday to be precise where I visited London town for a photo shoot for my shop. It was such a gloriously sunny day as was most of the UK, and we headed to Hyde Park to shoot my second look book for Spring/Summer 2012 with the amazing Hanna Kristina, Stephanie Linda and Redcarpetluks. This collection is a mixture of more festival summer pieces, bow headbands as well as some new bits I really hope you love. I think I will be having two more look books until I finish off the season and start working towards Autumn and Winter. Terrifying! I am the most disorganised person to have existed…so this won’t happen, but hey, I can try at least!

Whilst I was in London I stopped at Betsey Johnson before it will close later this month. Utterly, utterly devastating. It was just so sad to see the store looking how it did; so empty. I feel so, so bad for all the Betsey girls there. I feel like I know them even though I only visit London say twice to four times a year. Very sad :(. I tried on a few dresses, but forgot to take a photo. Gah. Very upsetting for a Betsey girl like myself.

In happier news I stumbled across a shop devoted to Moomins, in fact, it was called ‘The Moomin shop’, and yet naively I didn’t think something so wonderful could exist, oh but it does! I have a weird obsession with Moomin related things. I visited Finland and Sweden a lot as a child and it was constantly on TV, so my brother and I have alway been infatuated with all things Moomin related! I got him a Moomin for Christmas a few years ago but I got one for myself as I was far too jealous, haha. This shop sells literally everything Moomin related: Moomin cookie cutter, Moomin mug, Moomin trays, Moomin cuddly toys, Moomin key rings, and so it goes on! My spell checker does not like the word ‘Moomin’ so this paragraph is a sea of red underlining's!!

Anyway that is pretty much everything, although I just want to tell you all that I am holding a giveaway with the lovely Kim from Ever Ours. You can win one thing from her shop, and one from mine, it’s as simple as that! As you all probably know, Kim sells a plethora of gorgeous, gorgeous things, so enter here.

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend in the sun as well! ♥

ETA: Apologies for awful photos, I didn’t take our DSLR!



  1. oh I can't wait to see your new lookbook! it all sounds so exciting!
    I love moomins too, I'd never seen that shop before! x


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