Favourites: May 2012

Is it really June, tomorrow?! REALLY?! So, half way through 2012? Good grief o_O! Well, here we go again then, my monthly favourites. Enjoy!

0741. Origins A Perfect World Toner

At the start of the month I ran out of toner so I decided to try out something new. Previously I had been using a Boots Botanic one but it wasn’t making much of a difference so as I was in a department store, I felt the urge to make an Origins purchase! Now I have treated myself to bits of Origins skincare before and I absolutely love it. I say treat because Origins is quite pricey, at least I think it is. This was £17 which I think is ridiculously expensive for a toner but, and yes there’s a but because it’s really amazing. Hands down the best toner I have ever purchased. I actually wasn’t sure which one to go for, so the lovely SA advised me this would be perfect for my combination/sensitive skin and how right she was! Perfectly balances my skin, leaves it baby soft and smells gorgeous. Take a look at some other reviews and more info here.

0752. No7 Anti-Dark Spot Facial Sun Protection 50+

I’m a redhead, have pale skin and oddles of freckles so I’m into my SPF big time! My friend and I were in Boots not so long ago looking at SPF stuff for his holiday and I got tempted by this product for myself as I had a glorious £5 voucher that No7 so kindly offer from time to time. I’ve tried a ton of SPF 50 products but this feels more like a treatment so actually I have been using this in the morning rather than a moisturiser and then SPF. I feel like it’s really protecting my skin not only with a high SPF, but giving it moisture as well, and best of all it’s a mere £11! I would highly recommend it to my porcelain friends! Additional information and reviews can be found here.

0783. MAC ‘Moon River’ Mineralize Blush Duo

This was released yeeeears ago so I’m pretty sure it’s a limited edition product, but I love this blush so much! It’s absolutely my go-to at the moment. I remember being tempted by it at first purely because of Audrey Hepburn, and that ‘Moon River’ is one of my favourite songs! It’s a lovely delicate baby pink with a shimmery highlight part that has hues of lilac and silver. Love it, and so perfect for summer!

0814. Sephora by OPI Betsey Johnson ‘It’s My Pink!’ Too Too Scented Nail Polish

I’ve actually just done a post about this so I won’t ramble on, but come on, a pink polish with Betsey Johnson’s fragrance added in, I mean how could it not be a favourite? OH and OPI will continue to be cruelty free which is also a favourite thing, and you can read more about that, as well as my review of this here.

0825. LUSH 9 to 5 Cleansing Lotion

This is another product I have recently reviewed so I won’t say much, but it’s such a wonderful addition to my skin care routine. I love how when I’m feeling utterly lazy I can put this on a cotton wool pad and take off my make up. I mean it’s not fantastic for masses of make up, and it stings if I use a lot around my eyes, but otherwise, for a bit of powder or blusher or whatever it’s so lovely, and my skin looks really nourished. Read my review here.

0856. Topshop Ice Crush Nail Polish

I’m a massive Topshop make up fan like many other bloggers and this gorgeous silver sparkly gem is so stunning! My camera won’t get a nice close up at this time of day as the natural light is fading but it’s packed full of glittery goodness. I love it reflecting in this sunshine we’re getting lately. Lurvely! Yet again, if you want to see more reviews and info click here.

0967. MAC Barcelona Red Lipstick

My favourite summer look is neutral eyes, a cat flick eyeliner and a hot stand out lipstick! One day I’m into bright pink, the next an orange, but this month I’m all about reds. Red, red, red. I adore MAC’s ‘Barcelona Red’ which is a fun coral-red, it’s definitely orange toned. It’s lovely to wear day to day and I really love this one. When it was first released a few years ago I thought it was limited edition but I’m delighted to find it online, so here you go!

0978. ‘The Goddess Experience’ Goddess Guide II by Gisèle Scanlon

Umm okay so I won’t lie, I hate reading. I know, how can anyone hate reading? *sheepily raises hand* Yup, I do. Well okay let’s rephrase that very slightly, I hate reading fiction books, but I do enjoy reading non-fiction. Strangely enough I have an A Level A in English Literature but that was only because I studied music and art and my parents felt like it was the done thing! I made my way through by watching all the films and shows associated with the books and I could read the study guides for the texts really easily, and actually found the history behind all the books fascinating, I just cannot sit down and read a book. I know I’m alone in this, and I have no idea why it is so, but to cut a long story short, I really enjoy books like the above. I’m not sure what the point of it is really, but it’s just packed full of the beautiful unnecessary, and general feel good tips and I find it all quite empowering! Again because of said reading issues I pick random pages so I would never ever sit and read this front to back, it would take me years to read the whole thing probably! But yes, lovely, lovely book! I found it for £2 in a lovely outlet book shop.

0989. Urban Decay Lip Primer Potion

So you’ve probably all heard of Urban Decay’s infamous eye primer, but you may not have heard anything about their lip primer. I think this is a really underrated product to be honest. I picked it up on a whim because I now have a huge Urban Decay counter in town and this caught my attention because as I previously said, I’m loving my bright lip shades this summer and this makes the colours a) stand out more and b) last so much longer (you can use it under lipstick and gloss). I’d recommend you check it out next time you’re browsing the stand, and I love the added SPF. More information here.

10. Florrie Late EP

For the last few months I’ve used my last favourite spot to talk about things other than beauty and fashion and actually, I’m kind of enjoying it! This month I’m dedicating this spot to the gorgeous, uber- talented Florrie. She is my girl crush for sure and just the coolest. She’s drop dead gorgeous, a fashionista, an amazing drummer and an incredible UK singer- songwriter whose worked her way up through the xenomania ranks. I’ve supported her for years and after a year of anticipation she has released her latest EP ‘Late’ and it’s amazing. She is also recently going to sign to a major label and I’m thrilled for her, but I hope she stays true to her roots! You may have heard her music in a few TV shows, especially ‘Made in Chelsea’. I get a few questions about the music I use in videos and Florrie is one of those acts I adore. I will maybe dedicate a post to some of my favourites in music, oui, non? Anyway click here to download the EP from itunes, it’s only like £2 something and she’s incredible. Doooooo iiiiit.

And that’s May all wrapped up! Apologies the photos aren’t wonderful, I literally just took them, so lighting was fading. Let me know what lovelies you have found in May!



  1. nice favourites :)


  2. I love the Topshop varnishes and that Goddess Experience book sounds great and a bargain x

  3. So many amazing favourites, I really need to check the Lip Primer Potion the next time I go to Sephora xx

  4. Oooh I might have to take a looksee at the Origins toner, I've yet to find an origin product I don't like :-)


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