Spring/Summer 2012 Look Book

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Hi lovelies! So last week I finally revealed my Spring/Summer 2012 collection to Facebook and I’ve been overwhelmed as usual at your total amazingness. I thought I would post a few photos on my blog from these mystery photo shoots I have been talking about on here for months, as well as to announce that hopefully very soon my main home for my shop will be a brand spanking new website which will launch over Easter and I am SO excited….but even more excited than that, if you can imagine! haha. As soon as everything launches I will make a blog post but until then it would make my day if you followed, (or liked, whatever the Facebook jargon is!) my shop on Facebook here because I will holding a very exciting little giveaway to launch the website. If you also head to my Facebook you will be able to check out the rest of my new collection and as always any requests are very much welcome.

The photos were all taken by my lovely friend Kirsty who also blogs, and I’ve mentioned her a lot lately so you should all know who she is by now! Please go and check out her blog because I promise you will fall in love. Hasn’t she done an incredible job with the photos? So envious of anyone who can take beautiful photos! I am also envious of how stunning my models, Velvet and Georgia look: Just way, way too stunning!

Talking of giveaways, my little spring time giveaway ends tonight so click here to enter, and go, go, go! It features some sweet LUSH easter treats, Topshop pastel lovelies and some gorgeous jewellery from my lovely crafty chum Laura at I Love Crafty.

Thank you a million times again and again for all your support on this venture, I so hope you love everything! ♥



  1. Stunning photos, great news on the new collection x

  2. Was looking through the pictures on Facebook yesterday, I love the new collection and it's really nice being able to see what they look like when worn :) xx

  3. awesome photos!




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