Kiki’s Boutique, Christchurch

001205103010198013This shop is far too beautiful to capture in just a few photos, so therefore to experience it in its entirety, join me after the jump to enter this enchanted shopping paradise….
Phew! I know there’s a lot of photos there but I simply couldn’t cut the photos down anymore! This post is dedicated to a jewel of a shop on the South Coast of England called Kiki's, a family run business selling fashion, gifts, and jewellery with a vintage inspired feel. Kiki’s is a shop that is beautifully unique and always has new and unusual stock from UGG, Hunter, FitFlop, Louche, Fever London, Hell Bunny, Irregular Choice, Traffic People and so many more. I shamefully didn’t know this shop existed until I was reading lovely Rosie's blog and immediately tracked it down. I concur that it is an absolute treasure trove for all things girly as Kiki’s themselves state, and if you’re anything like me and love cute boutiques that are a bit different from the high street then you will love it.

There are actually two Kiki’s shops in total, one in Christchurch in Dorset, and the other in nearby Lymington, Hampshire. I tracked the Christchurch branch down and the lovely ladies kindly let me take some photos of their gorgeous little shop so I could share the Kiki’s experience with you all. I had literally hundreds and hundreds of photos to post so I really had to cut it down to my absolute must-haves. Of course anywhere that sells Irregular Choice is a winner to me, and just how lovely are the Hell Bunny dresses? Oh please let us have a nice summer so you can wear these dresses to a picnic in the sunshine!
The dressing table is one of my favourite parts of the whole store, I mean talk about Aladdin’s Cave! The attention to detail is so gorgeous, even down to the earrings cards that havesea life illustrations in homage to the gorgeous coastal surroundings. Kiki’s also stocks the gorgeous Paper Planes range, and so many of you have often commented on the bag from this post that I spied it in the corner so if you want it for yourself you now know where to go!

I now look forward to visiting the Lymington branch and hopefully taking some photos of that store as well. However if you are not near the stores you can still experience Kiki’s online. If you click here you can buy the majority of products you see in store online and if you sign up to their newsletter you can get a lovely £5 off. If you happen to be visiting Dorset or Hampshire soon the details for the shops are as follows:

Kiki’s Christchurch, Dorset
3a Church Street,
BH23 1BW
Tel: 01202 484 395

Kiki’s Lymington, Hampshire
129 High Street,
SO41 9AQ
Tel: 01590 688 464

Thank you so much to Kiki’s in Christchurch for allowing me to document my visit to your adorable shop. The customer service is absolutely amazing and you will really have a shopping trip to remember. I was so stuck for choice with all the above pretties, but I managed to narrow it down to something I absolutely love but I’m going to keep you guessing as to what I picked up and all will be revealed ;). Until then, let me know what you think of the above, and if you have visited the shop before  or online tell me what you love! Additionally, I’d love to know if you all like my shopping town/city guides in general because I want to start them up again. Hope you’re all having a lovely weekend ♥



  1. i've walked past this shop a few times but never been in it! It looks really nice inside, what are the prices like? x

    1. Aww so glad you've heard of it, you need to check it out! The prices range from pocket money friendly to obviously £50-60 ish for brands such as Irregular choice etc.


  2. Wow, this looks like my dream shop! Thank you for the review, I'd be very interested in future guides about shops in Hampshire, as I go to Uni in Winchester.
    R xx

    1. Oh great, I know so many people at Uni in Winchester, I will be sure to include more Hampshire shops on my blog. What do you think of the shops in Winchester?


  3. I wish i had a shop like this what a gorgeous creation! xxx

    1. It's good that there is a website so you can buy the stuff online if you wanted :) xoxo

  4. I can't believe I've lived here all my life and never been to this shop! Shame on me! Ever since Rosie mentioned it I've been telling myself I need to go and now all these amazing pictures! I really need to make a trip across! x

  5. This is the cutest boutique I have ever seen! Your pictures are amazing!! xx

  6. I have been here, because my auntie lives in the area! it is so lovely, your photography captures it beautifully! & it reminds me a lot of Amelia's Attic in Salcombe xoxo

    1. Aww thank you, would love to check that store out too xoxo

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  8. This store actually looks amazing!
    Just looking on the website now and there is SO much that I would love to get!xx


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