WIN: Springtime Giveaway ft. I Love Crafty

001014Hello lovely ones. Today has been such a nice day. I had my second photo shoot for my shop with Kirst that I was telling you all about yesterday and we shot a lot of products down by the seaside so I can’t wait to see how they turn out. All being well the new website should be ready for the beginning of April, but now I have typed that out so publically I bet you it will get delayed. I will try my best!

But today I’m bringing you a little springtime giveaway. Just recently I hit 1000 on this here blog. I actually cannot believe that so many of you have taken time to click that little follow bottom and read my blog. It kind of blows my mind, it’s incredible to have such a wonderful readership and I don’t say it often, but I love you all tons….and tons! I mean really I guess in terms of the blogosphere 1000 may be considered small but when I started this blog four years ago I honestly didn’t think anyone would be interested. at. all. I mean at first my readers were just people from the Livejournal make up community and Specktra but now it’s grown beyond my wildest dreams. I really do adore blogging. I have always been in love with it. I think the blogging community is incredible, and yes I guess there are smidgings of negativity sprinkled in from time to time, but on the whole it’s such a wonderful thing to be apart of. So without repeating myself, and as I am truly awful at expressing myself I will just simply say: thank you. Thank you so much for reading, commenting, emailing, tweeting, supporting my little shop….just absolutely everything!

Because I cannot thank you all personally, I wanted to do a little giveaway. I’m calling it a springtime giveaway because spring is definitely here and I’m loving it. I have up for grabs a beautiful LUSH Candy Fluff egg, little lace Topshop socks, some Jelly Pong Pong lip treats, a glitter bow of your choice made by moi, and a Topshop nail polish in the shade ‘Parma Violets’. Most importantly, an outrageously cute kitten ring and earring set from the super lovely, talented Laura at I Love Crafty. As some of you know, I used to sell some of my creations in her beautiful store and we’re hoping to do something crafty this year so stay tuned for that. So courtesy of her, you will win this gorgeous set. Please go and check out her website because I promise you, if you like my style, you’ll want everything!

How to enter:

♥ All you need to do is leave a comment below (only to this post) letting me know your favourite thing about spring. It can be anything from frilly ankle socks (maybe like the above!) to spring dresses,  to Love Hearts, absolutely whatever! If you’re not a fan of spring then, umm, tell me why you don’t like it, ha. Make it up people, I’m not judging you on what you type ;).
♥ Alongside your comment please let me know how you would like to be contacted should you win. For example, email address, Twitter name etc etc.
♥  Finally to enter this giveaway you must either follow I Love Crafty on Facebook or follow I Love Crafty on twitter. If you don’t have either, you can also follow I Love Crafty on her blog. If you all three, please follow on all of them. So in short, to enter this giveaway please follow ILC on Facebook, Twitter and her blog. Like I said, it’s okay just to follow her blog if you don’t have Twitter or Facebook however. The links are:

  • I Love Crafty Facebook- Follow here.
  • I Love Crafty Twitter- Follow here.
  • I Love Crafty Blog- Follow here.

♥ For an additional 3 entries feel free to follow my Twitter for my shop and my shop’s facebook. This is an optional step, but it would make me a happy chappy if you did ;). The links are:

  • My Shop Twitter- Follow here.
  • My Shop Facebook- Follow here.

♥ For an additional 6 entries you can Tweet about the giveaway should you wish, or maybe post about it on your own blog? Completely up to you, but if you are feeling super generous then that would be lovely to spread the word about Laura’s lovely shop! If you do this, let me know! You could tweet something like: ‘Win springtime treats from @dreamsglitterxo @beauxoxo & @ilovecrafty here
♥  Giveaway ends 04/04/12 midnight GMT.

♥ Anyone can enter, so this is an International giveaway. Just make sure you can receive parcels from the UK and you’re in!
♥ If you’re under 18 make sure you get parental permission because I will need your address to send you the lovely prize.
♥ If the winner does not respond within 48 hours I will pick someone else.
♥ Winners will be drawn using



  1. Hey honey, I have followed you on twitter and tweeted! I've also followed you on Bloglovin, and hello cotton.

    My email is -

    My blog -


  2. Hi this is the best giveaway I have ever seen :) love everything..
    I will be following all and tweeting about it.
    my favourite thing about spring time is having long walks at night as it gets dark later and to watch the sunset.


    aka Sweetpea


  3. Hiya :)
    I love how all of the flowers start to pop up and colour the world :)
    I liked the crafty Facebook page :)
    great giveaway and congratulations xx

  4. Hiya :)

    I liked you on facebook. My facebook name is xsineadxx and I am under on your blog which you can contact me if i do win(fingers cross) I also liked I love crafty blog too

    I love everything about spring. I love the fact it is just 2 months to my birthday in may so it is getting closer and i love when i see baby lambs being born. So cute :)

  5. Hello there.

    I already follow you on facebook but have enjoyed having a look through I Love Crafty's facebook page too, and adding it to my 'Likes'. I am now also following you on twitter.

    My favourite thing about Spring is the fact that you can wake up one day and think 'Spring is here' because it's beautiful and sunny and the blossoms are out, and you feel a new bounce (dare I say, 'spring'!) in your step.

    I'm @laura_attridge on twitter, or on email.

  6. I already like you and I Love Crafty on Facebook! I also follow you on Twitter and I am about to tweet!

  7. Definately going to follow your Facebook and twitter, I haven't got a blog spot (I would become to addicted) but I read yours and many others all the time :) I shall also tweet about your giveaway! My favourite thing about spring is the flowers! Especially the daisies they're just super cute!

    Thanks pretty love Antonia :)

    @OhAntonia. :) x

  8. My favourite thing about spring is definitely the weather - we finally start seeing the back of gloomy British winter and therefore can start making our wardrobes more pretty and summery.
    I followed all the I Love Crafty profiles, I'm already following your and your shop's Twitters and I already liked your Facebook page. I also tweeted about the giveaway!
    If I win (which I hope I do!) I'd prefer an email to or a tweet to @hannahlouise_f
    Lovely give-away pretty!

    Hannah x

  9. Thanks for this giveaway!
    I liked you on facebook. My facebook name is RocoLondon and I follow your blog as Rocolondon.
    I love everything about spring:sunny days, flowers...It´s beautiful


  10. I can't wait for spring to start so i could were all the summer dresses i just bought!
    i did all entries:
    following I Love Crafty on FB, twitter, blog (GFC)
    following My Shop on FB and tweeter
    tweeting about the post:!/Naamaaha/status/184021310400245760

    FB/GFC user: Naama Aharoni, tweeter: Naamaaha
    mail: nam12[at]


  11. My favourite thing about spring- the fact that I can start wearing my gorgeous flowery dresses that were buried on the bottom of my cupboard all winter ;)

    I did all entries available ;)
    Great giveaway.

    here is a link to the tweet!/TheBlackPearlB/status/184032048015618050


  12. I love all the pastel shades and flowers coming back to life.
    I am following via GFC and twitter

  13. 1. My favourite things about spring are the blossoms that start appearing on trees, just before the leaves, like a pre-party! Also the fact that the evenings start getting lighter - so much time to do fun things!

    I'm following I love Crafty on Twitter, FB and by GFC! :)

    2. Following your shop on Twitter and FB and faved on Etsy!

    3. I tweeted too :) cupidsbow1414

    Email: cupidsbow at

  14. 1- i dont have four seasons in my country but in the season like spring i do love to do gardening.
    2-i am following on fb
    3 email is k_rampersad03(at)yahoo(dot)com

  15. i tweeted -!/trinicutiegal/status/184065697868029953


  16. I have followed and liked everything, and tweeted too! I really want to win ;) Thanks lovely xxx

    1. Oh and the best thing about spring is the sunshine! I'm a winter baby but you can't beat that smiley feeling you get when the sun puts his hat on!

  17. Hey congrats and thank you for the fab giveaway! I follow you, your shop and I love crafty on twitter and I tweeted about the giveaway (@thisdystopia)
    I also liked your shop on facebook and Ilovecrafty :0 PHEW

    Amy xx
    (i should like to be contacted via twitter please and thank you :) (@thisdystopia))

  18. lovely giveaway following gfc beauty fiend
    what i love about spring is the sun finally comes out
    following you on twitter :violentlysexy

  19. I love spring because on warmer days you can wear maxi skirts / dresses :)

    :D x

  20. i love spring for the cute little chicks and flowery dresses :)
    im following i love crafty on twitter and the blog
    and following you on twitter and blog too :)

    ive also tweeted here!/lebellebow/status/184355732722954240

    thanks for holding the give-away, great prizes, whoever wins is a lucky spring bunny! :)!/lebellebow

  21. Helloooo! What a sweet giveaway, this is the first time i have ever entered one…eek!! Okay so i now follow ilovecrafty on twitter and also you already….aaaand ooh gosh the best things about Spring are…..hmmm th way everywhere smells - like lovely cut grass and floweryness in the evening, and how everything just looks all new and shiny again, and how different everyone's mood is. Spring is full of hope and new and lovliness!!!

    Sal xxx

    Oh ps, you can contact me on facebook under Sallytangle, or leave a comment on my blog.

    Lotsv love xxx

  22. this giveaway prize looks so lovely! thanks :)
    the thing i love most about spring is the flowers blooming like the bluebells and tulips! <3
    my email is
    i followed i love crafty on twitter, facebook and her blog and i also followed your shop on facebook and twitter.
    my facebook name is tina vincent. my twitter name is tinapanda. and my gfc name is tina:)
    and i tweeted the giveaway ! :) under this link :!/TinaPanda/status/184410296134279168
    thanks! x

  23. What i love most about spring/summer is being able to leave my back door open and let all the fresh air in, i love watching the children and our dogs playing in the sunshine and eating their lunch on the patio chairs :-)
    Facebook- Holli Adamson
    GFC- Dragon Mommy

    Holli x

  24. Hello
    The best thing about spring is the warmer weather, and waking up and it actually being light outside, Spring is definetly my favourite season :D
    P.s your blog is a new find for me but i love it :)

  25. My favourite thing about spring is all the little new fluffed up baby animals!
    my twitter is @lucyjanewood !
    - I've liked the I Love Crafty Facebook, Twitter and blog
    - I've followed the Beauxoxo blog and twitter
    - tweeted about the giveaway!

    Such cute prizes :)

  26. My favorite thing about spring is - sun, sun & sun!!!! :-)

    Done everything above! Love the giveaway!

    GFC: gaby
    FB: Gab Juk
    Twitter: @g_gaby_gaby


  27. My favourite thing about spring is seeing everything come to life again!

    I am following I love crafty on Twitter!

    Contact me via email:

    Ginger Pickle ♥

  28. Fab giveaway. The thing i love most about spring is seeing all the baby animals and the beautiful spring flowers.
    Contact me through

  29. Also tweeted about this giveaway!!

  30. Hi, I follow both you and ILC on Facebook and Twitter.
    My email is
    My favourite thing about spring has to be the daffodils. I have vases and vases of them in my house, cheap and cheerful :)

    Hailie xx

  31. My favourite thing about spring is pastel colours, I love them :-)

  32. Hi, I follow you both on ILC on Twitter, FB & on your blog.
    I'm also following your shop on Twitter & FB :) & I've tweeted about your giveaway.

    There are so many things I love about Spring, but the one I love the most is how each individuals style evolves to fit the month with pastels, florals & sundresses. I am rather in love with the whole season.


    Charlotte xx

  33. I follow you both on GFC as Ria, on facebook as Ria Kod and on Twitter as @themissdudette . And your shop on fb and twitter.
    The thing I love about spring is the fact that I'll be graduating! And the beautiful beautiful nature! All the colours, the flowers, the flower scents!
    You can contact me at @themissdudette if I'm the lucky one!
    Have a lovely week!

  34. My favorite thing about spring is flowers
    I follow you both on GFC as mojemakaze
    I follow Love Crafty and BeauxoxoAccessories on Facebook as Moje Makaze
    I follow @ilovecrafty and @Beauxoxo on Twitter as @mojemakaze

  35. so lovely, thank you so much for this great opportunity
    my fav about spring are all those white flowers. love to see them lying on the grass, path.. when it looks like snow. hope you know what I mean :)


    following you both on GFC & Facebook - as Melita Jagodić

    following on Twitter as @tomel611


  36. I absolutely love spring, the blossom on trees has doo many dear memories to me. I feel my heart fill with happiness at this time of year!

    Thank you very much xxx

  37. Amazing Competition!
    My favourite thing about Spring is florals because they are so groundbreaking ;)

    I'm following on twitter and would liked to be contacted via twitter please @cocoskies


  38. My favourite thing about spring is seeing all the daffodils and tulips and other flowers start to bloom and the weather changing, everywhere looks so bright and colourful :) lovely giveaway prize too thank you for doing it, my twitter name is 14flossy take care lots of love Zoe xxxx

  39. What an amazing giveaway, I'm in love with it all!! My favourite thing about Spring is it's my Birthday, this year it falls on Easter Monday so I'll be celebrating with birthday cake AND easter eggs :)

    I follow I love crafty's blog and now their twitter too, I also follow your shop on both twitter and facebook and have tweeted about the giveaway too.

    Keeping my fingers crossed :) xx

  40. Followed on Twitter. My favortie things about spring is the constant reminder of little chicks and lambs being born.

    Twitter (h_m_k_)

  41. I follwed on twitter and facebook. My favourite thing about spring is the clocks going forward. You lose an hour in bed, but you get it back in the evening and the day feels so much longer and fuller

    contact me on twitter at @CelShadedDreams

  42. I am following I Love Crafty of fb and twitter(@claire_trevor)
    I am following you on twitter and have tweeted the giveaway:)
    My favourite thing about spring is actually seeing tulips in the garden. They're my favourite flower and are so bright and unfussy.

    Contact me via email:

  43. What a wonderful giveaway, I would love to enter and congratulations on reaching 1000 followers!

    My favourite thing about spring is picnics with friends in the sun and feeding the leftover bread to the ducks.

    I follow Ilovecrafty in all 3 places, on Twitter as @RafflesBizarre and FB as Jess Heath.

    I also follow your shop on Twitter!

    I follow both of your blogs from this account on GFC.

  44. This comment has been removed by the author.

  45. I love watching the flowers bloom in spring :) and would like to be contacted via Twitter!

    I follow Ilovecrafty on Twitter as @artsavesyou and FB as Ashleigh walls
    I follow your shop on twitter and like it on facebook as well!

    and I tweeted!/artsavesyou/status/187323238420987904

  46. My favorite things about Spring is the blooming flowers.


  47. Great giveaway :)
    My favourite thing about Spring is the days getting longer!

  48. my favourite thing about spring is Easter,lots of yummy chocolate eggs to eat yum :)

  49. my favourite thing about spring is all the floaty and floral clothes that make you feel all lovely! i also love how the nights stay lighter and everything outside looks pretty!!!


  50. my faaavourite thing about spring is being able to wear amazing, bright clothes and having huuge picnics.. :Dxxxx

  51. My favourite thing is sitting in my garden listenin to the birds and looking at the blossoms on the trees and daisies popping up, they're so pretty and smell lovely, they put you in a fab mood!

    I'm following I love crafty on twitter and also following your shop on twitter. I've also tweeted about the giveaway!

    twitter: @Jenny_C_Hayes

  52. I love that in spring I can finally do outdoorsy things again!

    Please contact me by e-mail if I win:

    also following you on twitter(nicrosario) and facebook.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  53. I'm a fan of the 'transitional wardrobe' - pairing winter essentials with summer dresses and lighter layers with knits :)

    I can best be contacted via twitter, @thraseia :)

  54. Hi everyone, thank you so, so much for entering the giveaway, I love to read all your entries. I will pick a winner tomorrow and announce it in a seperate blog post xoxo

  55. All links followed :)

    Fave thing bout spring is blossom trees :) Sooo pretty!

    Please comtact me via twitter @JadeBradyMakeup (if I win obviously ha) x


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