REVIEW: Style Me Vintage by Belinda Hay

I adore vintage styling, and everyday I wear a sixties inspired look so and I have had my eye on this book for years. Time and time again I keep seeing it in Urban Outfitters and thinking ‘I’ll get it one day’ but for some strange reason I kept forgetting about it. Well this week I finally decided it was time to have this book in my life, and when I spied it on ebay for a mere £6 I claimed it mine.

The premise of the book is to guide you step-by-step how to create some of the decades most popular  and illustrious vintage hair styles from finger waves, the peek-a-boo,Victory Rolls, the beehive and bouffant and even an 1980s do, this book certainly  covers them all. Belinda Hay then guides you through each hair style accompanied by old photos of how the hair style was originally worn alongside its modern counterpart. So for example alongside the iconic 1940s waves as worn by the gorgeous Veronica Lake you have a photo of today’s ultimate pin-up, Dita Von Teese. Through step-by-step photos and easy to understand instructions, Belinda then shows you how to create the hairstyle on your own hair. Obviously some of the styles will work better for longer hair, and others for short, but the beauty of this book is that there is something for everyone and all hair types.

Of course it’s not all about the superficial design stuff but I must add that this book is designed simply beautifully, and I say superficial, but it’s actually really important for a book like this. The models and styling have a wonderful authenticity about them and it’s so easy to feel transported to another time as the looks are so accurate. But what’s nice is that at the time they have a sort of timeless and universal appeal to them, and that’s really nice because of course the looks themselves are timeless!

If you are a fan of vintage styling you need this book for sure. Try ebay for a fantastic discount but I’m sure Amazon also sell it for a very reasonable price. I think I will now get the Vintage clothing and make up sister books as I enjoyed this so much. Does anyone else have this book, and are you a fan of vintage hairstyling?



  1. Looks like a wonderful book :)

    Karys x

  2. Ooh it looks like a fab little book, it's gone on to my wish list now! Thanks for the review x

  3. OMG I need this in my life !!


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