22 Questions Tag

So I know I’ve only just done this tag but the very lovely Princess Livia tagged me to do this as well, and I adore her blog, so I couldn’t say no!

1. When you looked at yourself in the mirror today, what was the first thing you thought? How my hair always looks better after 2 days and how awful it looks when I just wash it!
2. What are the top 3 Beauty Products you cannot live without? This changes all the time, as you all know! I think LUSH Ultrabland, LUSH Dream Cream and LUSH Whipstick. Yep, I’m a LUSH girl! Is that more skincare though? Hmmm I guess beauty in the make up sense would be MAC Mineralize Skin finish, MAC Lollipop Lovin and false eyelashes ;).
3. What are your best physical features? My hair and my freckles. Can that count, otherwise I don't know!
4. What's your favourite form of exercise? I do pilates every week and love it. I never ever used to exercise and I will admit that I shamefully used to forge notes or use my asthma as an excuse to not do anything! Those were the days where asthma was useful, now it’s just plain annoying! Haha. I’d highly recommend pilates. I only started because my Mum went with her work friends and invited me along and it really is a wonderful form of exercise and actually very relaxing.
5. Do you play any instruments? I play violin, piano, viola and a teeny bit of guitar. As you all know I am a muso really by training and have played the violin and piano since I was about 4 or 5 however three years of studying music at university squeezed the life out of me in terms of playing for enjoyment so shamefully I don’t play much at all these days. I do try to get back into it but it’s just all so forced now. I made 2012 to conquer this mind set so fingers crossed it can come back into my life. Ironically I got all the grades and do teach, I just don't play myself! Oh and the above photo is me at the piano from aaaages ago.
6. What is your worst pet peeve? I don't know really. I guess certain negative characteristics?! Oh actually I cannot stand it when people come and tell me something that someone else has told them that they heard from me originally. Does that count?! I get this so much! Tell me I'm not alone?
7. Seen anything weird lately? Today the only weird thing I've seen is squirrels fighting over bird food, but that's kind of standard!
8. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you live? To be honest I hate change so I don’t think I could live anywhere other than where I do, but just for a day I’d love to live in Iceland, Switzerland, Austria, New Zealand or America. Just for a day each!
9. Do you believe in love at first sight? Yes and no. 
10. Do you sing in the shower? Nope!
11. What is your best childhood memory? Oh my goodness so, so many. I had the best childhood ever. It would probably just be treasured memories with my family. I miss my Grandad and Grandpa so very much. I traveled a lot as a child, I have been so, so fortunate and it was best education in the whole world. 

So I have now answered 22 questions, and I think I have 'revealed' more about myself in this last week than in my entire 4 years of blogging! haha. Please do this tag if you want to post it on your blog. Tag, you're it, all of you! 



  1. I love posts like this finding out about the person who's writing I constantly read is so fun! xx



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