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I was sorting out a few images for my shop today and decided to collate them for a video on Youtube.  I’ve actually been really surprised by the welcome I’ve had on Youtube, and I don’t mean that in a bad way it’s just it’s notorious lately for surrounding itself in a bit of a hater bubble. I have so many more DIY tutorials coming up including something hopefully very soon which I’m ridiculously excited for you all to see! So if you haven’t, it would mean the world to me if you could subscribe to my channel. If you have any requests for any DIYs then please let me know. I love Youtube obviously for make up, hair and fashion, but I kind of feel like I have nothing to offer in that field that someone hasn’t already done, so it’s just going to be DIYs at the moment :).


  1. I LOVE THIS SONG!!! I am going to sing this all night and drive my husband crazy haha :)

    I love your handmade stuff. You are very talented xxx

    1. Haha, aww thank you and I LOVE Ultraviolet Sound, so glad you like them too! Check out their stuff on Youtube :) xoxo

    2. I am officially "a freak for the beat and I just can't stop" :) haha

      I am getting their album!

    3. Woooo wonderful stuff! Had you heard of them before? xoxo

    4. no!!! I have never heard about them. I don't know why! They are absolutely amazing!
      THANK YOU!

      Tell me if you like this :) freaky video, but the song is sooo addictive!

  2. I love the video and will sub right away! I need one of your glitter bows :) xo

  3. beautiful post!!! amazing blog!!i'm following you!!if you like mine,do the same!!
    Freaky Friday

    Freaky Friday FB FanPage

  4. Great video! Your things are really cute! It's refreshing to see a video for something other than hair & makeup!



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