S/S12: New Crafty Creations


Hello my lovelies. I was on such a good blogging role for February wasn’t I? Well, that was me doing my best! Unfortunately for the last week I haven’t been feeling well and  in particular because I have had this annoying nose bleed every.single.blimmin.day. I mean how random is that? haha. Anyway it’s finally stopped now so normal routines can be resumed!

This post is a little sneak peak to my latest Spring/Sumer 2012 for my shop which has also been taking up a lot of my time, hence limited blog activity lately. The pastel bows are already listed but everything else will not be available to buy until my new website launches. I’m getting all serious and grown up with a proper place to sell my creations. It’s the least big thing in the world to some, but is the biggest step for me! I have a fabulous lot of people making this happen for me, with the talents of in particular Fressia who has designed everything for me, and my gorgeous friend Kirsty at the Leopard Anchor who is helping me with the photography. Don’t worry I won’t be getting rid of my Etsy at.all. I adore Etsy and it is wonderful, but the fees are becoming a little too much for me right now in terms of having a lot of stock on there, so I will keep about 50 items on there, and then hopefully 100 plus, so consequently the main range will be on my main shop.

I have a few questions however, if you don’t mind!
  1. Hair scarf wise, do you like long scarves so you can make a bow, or short to just make a knot?
  2. What kind of things do you plan to wear this spring and summer hair wise? I make pretty much everything hair wise but I’m wondering what I need to make more of, and what I can make less of. So, do you prefer floral garlands or fabric stuff, bows or clips?
Huge thank you if you can help me with the above and it would also mean the world to me if you showed some love for my little shop on both Facebook and Twitter. Stay tuned to both because I will be holding a giveaway on both of them when I have finally launched the website (can you do giveaways on Facebook?!).

OH and wow, okay so I can't end this post without a thank you...but a HUGE thank you because I recently hit 1000 followers on my blog and I cannot believe it. It truly amazes me that you all took the time to hit the follow button, and I so, so appreciate it. ♥♥♥♥♥♥



  1. I love all the hair bows, they are lovely. I have to wear my hair up all day for work, so for me, things that can pretty up my boring messy bun or pony tail are great. Maybe things like small bows/flowers on a clip than can be put in the bun, if that makes sense? Anything to take away the boredom of hair up haha


    1. Oh yeah, I know what you mean, don't worry got tons of things like that planned/in the making :) xoxo

  2. I love the new pastel glitter bows!
    I'd prefer a scarf that could be tied a few ways - a big bow would be my favourite way!
    and I'd love big fabric bow clips, like the glitter bows but in different fabrics - maybe a stiff cotton? xxx

    1. Thank you for the feedback lovely. I'm definitely going to make lots of different fabric bows :).


  3. I love the pastel bows, they are so pretty! As for the scarves I definitely prefer longer ones because they are so versatile I can tie them into a bow, tie them at the nape of my neck and work the extra length into my plait or just tuck them in to make a plain hairband :) xx

  4. Ohh I need a pastel bow in my life.

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  6. Wow, I can't believe you made those, they look lovely! xx

    The Londoner


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