REVIEW: Real Techniques Stippling Brush

So this year the one thing everyone seemed to want to get their hands on at IMATS was a Real Techniques brush. Now you may not have heard of the brush line itself, but I bet you you have heard of the mastermind behind it, Samantha Chapman from make up superstar duo Pixiwoo (her sister, Nicola, is also a make up artist). Like so many I love Pixiwoo and have followed their channel over the years and I whilst I don’t watch many of their basic or natural tutorials, I simply adore their theatrical and more themed work, and I think out of everyone on Youtube they strike the perfect balance between being perfect for the make up newbie and make up enthusiast.

That above description kind of sums up the whole brush range. They are fantastic for beginners but also wonderful for the professional. Out of all the brushes the stippling brush stood out to me the most because it seemed the most versatile and like something I didn’t already have. The brushes are divided into different colours for different areas of the face. So yellow is for the face, blue for eyes and pink for the perfect finish.
To save this review from becoming too long, then in a nutshell I adore this brush, and I can wholeheartedly say that it is the best brush I have ever, ever used for foundation! As an experiment, like Sam explains in the video, I put this brush to the test with foundation, blusher, highlight and powder. Nothing is a challenge for this little thing! It literally makes foundation application a breeze and I love the way you literally ‘stipple’ it onto the skin because so many foundation brushes need to be dragged across the face and you all know that’s not the kindest thing to do to! It so effortlessly gives you that airbrushed finish. I then applied blusher with it and usually I swear by the MAC 187 as I love a huge brush for blusher (big of a mouthful!) but I’m totally converted! This makes everything that more precise, and the same goes for highlighting.

If you’re looking to get just one of these brushes then I think this would be the perfect one to go for just because we all want something that multitasks for our money, don’t we? I can’t speak for the other brushes as I haven’t tried them. Oh, and I will just mention at this point that this was only £8 or so, which to me is an absolute complete bargain, and secondly due to the taklon bristle these brushes are completely cruelty free. Huge yay for that! In comparison to the MAC 188 it’s a lot stubbier and compact if that makes sense?!
Not sure what else to add but if you click here you’ll reach the page dedicated to the brush itself, and I would also recommend checking the above video out. If you’re UK based you’ll be pleased to know that you can purchases these brushes from Boots and you can check to see if your local Boots store stocks them here.

Have you tried Real Techniques, and if so, what did you think?



  1. This is the second review I've read on this brush now and I really want to buy it!!! X

  2. My local Boots has all of the brushes in now. I really want to get some, just need to pick which ones!! Think i will have to try this one though, sounds great from the reviews ive seen so far

    1. I highly recommend this one because it does everything. Can't wait to check them out in Boots too :) xoxo

  3. Argh, I really want to try this now!!

  4. I have this brush too and adore it :) Waiting on the powder brush arriving! xo

  5. such a good foundation brush! i hadn't thought to use it for applying blusher so i'm definitely gonna try that tomorrow. i love how you can just use these brushes for pretty much everything! xx

  6. I was just looking into these brushes the other day as I loveeee the pixiwoo sisters. I was so sad that they didn't sell some of their eye brushes separately, but now you're making me covet this stippling brush..! x

  7. oo, might try these out!
    please check out my blog xo


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