REVIEW: Bomb Cosmetics ‘Birds of a Feather’ Bath Buttercup

If you’re a bath product fan then it’s quite likely you have already heard of Bomb Cosmetics but if not, then it is a lovely local company that sell absolutely adorable little bath melts, bath bombs, candles and a whole bunch of other gorgeous smelling goods. I have tried quite a few things from the company over the years and I can’t think why I haven’t mentioned them before. This little post is a dedication to the loveliness of their new product called 'Birds Of A Feather', which I presume is a Valentine’s Day special edition product. To me their bath melts are what Bomb Cosmetics excel and you will be spoilt for choice at not only the amazing array of fragrance combinations, but just simply picking the nicest design as they are all utterly adorable! Here is a description of the scent and how you use it:

This is one for the lovers out there! They say birds of a feather flock together, we say "bathe together" with sensual Ylang Ylang and Patchouli essential oils to soothe and comfort.
Directions for Use
Drop your Bomb Cosmetics Buttercup into a warm bath and it will quickly melt releasing moisturising Cocoa Butter in to the bath water. Rub well into your skin for best effects. Due to the very high oil content, you may need to rinse the bath after use. Particularly recommended for people with dry skin.

It literally smells like a ready to bottle fragrance and I love that because the scent really does linger on you. Additionally they leave your skin feeling so, so soft, and all winter beaten skin could do with a bit of TLC at the moment, right? Yes!

I definitely need to get more of these as I am so fortunate to have stockists all around me and that’s the great thing about the company. I actually picked up one of these up in my local card shop but I’m not far from somewhere else that sells the whole range. Pricing wise this was £1.99 which isn’t cheap but then isn’t that expensive for a hand made bath product full of gorgeous ingredients and not synthetic rubbish! You definitely get what you pay for. If you’re looking to try something from them then go straight for the bath melt buttercups or the bath melt creamers. It will come as no surprise to you all that this cute Bunny one is something I’m lusting after! haha.

Has anyone else tried Bomb Cosmetics?



  1. I haven't tried these but that bath bomb is so adorable I think I may have to check them out. Great post xx

    1. Thank you Nikki, would love to know what you think when you've tried something xoxo

  2. That's so cute! :) I have tried Bomb cosmetics and love their designs and range :) Will look out for this! xx

  3. This looks so cute! I've always seen the range but never actually tried them. I might have to after this review :D

  4. Ive tried a few of the products and really like them. This looks so cute xx

    1. Yay glad you like, this is adorable isn't it :) xoxo

  5. That is just so dang cute! I really want a bath with one now, I'd never heard of that company before now though!

    Amelia @ UGLY DUCKLING x

    Come say hey at!

  6. the name is so unique.. they look so cute..the birds super cute <3

    I have a "delicious giveaway" - win a abataba jewellery on my blog.

  7. That design is so adorable and clever! I've unfortunately never even been able to set foot into a LUSH store, but I'm getting there, I'm getting there!

    Jessica | Vixenelle

  8. I'd worry that I would end up eating it, looks SO good!! X

  9. Aww, it is sooo cute. Never tried it before :) x


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