DIY: How To Make A Lana Del Rey Inspired Floral Hair Crown

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I can’t believe it has been a month since my last DIY tutorial but not having a camera probably played a big part in that! Anyway today’s DIY is how to make a Lana Del Rey inspired floral hair crown. Now, it’s not something exclusively worn by her, Pixie Lott also loves this type of accessory and so do many others, but Lana Del Rey (personally like her, are you a fan?) is definitely the girl of the moment so I’m taking inspiration from her. I have been making these for years, selling them part time at festivals and what not, so if you love this DIY but think, ‘nah sorry, can’t be bothered!’ then that’s fine, not here to judge, you will be able to buy these from my shop very, very soon.

You will need:

* Real flowers/fake flowers
* Wire (or headband/ribbon etc)
* Pliers (I spelt this wrong throughout the whole entire video, many apologies! Copious amount of annotations were needed to correct that one!)
* Tape Measure
* Floral Tape (optional)
* Glue Gun (optional)
* Gloves (optional)

Crafty Tips:

♥ Lana used real flowers in the above photos and you can as well, just be aware that obviously the longetivity won’t be great that way!
♥ You can make these crowns in a number of ways. If you don’t fancy messing about with wire then simply glue flowers onto a headband or ribbon.
♥ If you don’t want the wire to show at the back of the head then wrap some floral tape around it.
♥ Place a flower over the twist you made in the wire because it’s kind of ugly looking, and a flower sorts it out in 2 seconds flat!
♥ Foam flowers and all sorts of other thing with wire work wonderfully in this project to cover gaps and actually attach the bigger flowers to the wire.
♥ Artificial flowers can be a little pricey from craft shops so check discount stores, charity shops and markets for a better deal.

I think that’s it really! I hope you enjoyed this latest DIY project and I’ll make one again soon. Is there anything you would like to see in particular? PS: I had to audio swap the music, I used Lana Del Rey’s ‘Blue Jeans’, which I actually think is her best song, but obviously Youtube didn’t like that, so I put a Vanessa Carlton (my favourite anyway) song in that thankfully came up on audio swap!



  1. Thats so pretty !

  2. Such a fab tutorial! So whimsical, may have to try it out myself :) x

  3. this is a really good tutorial:-)
    please check out my blog xo

  4. I love this I think it would be great for festivals or birthdays!

    1. Yes definitely, and for weddings etc :).


  5. this is PERFECT! beautiful hair crown xxx

  6. does it matter what type of head band you use

    1. Hi! Not at all, it's whatever you prefer :) xoxo


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