Brit Awards 2012 Frock-a-thon!

Lana Del Rey At The Brit Awards 2012Pixie Lott At The Brit Awards 2012Fearne Cotton At The Brit Awards 2012Florence Welch At The The Brit Awards 2012Holly Willoughby At The Brit Awards 2012Caroline Flack At The Brit Awards 2012

Whilst writing this post the 2012 Brit Awards will swing into full musical action. I have always loved the Brit Awards, I don’t know why, but something about it really excites me. It’s the one award show I always have to watch from start to finish, but maybe it’s the muso in me! But you know as I’m a girl I get excited about the dresses too! The above photos are literally straight off the red carpet and all from LOOK magazine’s website. So what do you think? I think my favourite is Florence Welch in that exquisite Sarah Burton Mcqueen dress. This is, as far as I know, the second big custom thing Sarah has done since the Royal Wedding. But wow, doesn’t Jessie J also look super amazingly gorgeous and yet so stripped down. I love the neutral lip look. My other favourite is Fearne Cotton. It’s such a simple outfit but I love Fearne’s style so much; she always looks so effortlessly stylish.

Are you a Brit Awards fan too? Leave me your thoughts on the music, the dresses, anything really ;).



  1. love that this is up so soon! :) i always think adele looks amazing!
    just found your blog and love it :D new follower!


  2. Florence looks stunning as always xx

  3. I love Fearne's look too, those shoes are fab!
    R xx

  4. Fearne Cotton always looks amazing! I'm getting bored of Caroline Flack though, does she ever change out of that tux/short combination?
    harriet juliana x

  5. p.s i have no idea why it's linked Fearne to a photo on amazon! aha

  6. Very good selection! Lana was my best dressed I have to sayy! x

  7. Adore Flo, would kill for her wardrobe, Fearne a bit predictable, and really think miss flack thinks she is Alexa Chung, would also like to see her in something a bit diff xxxx


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