Betsey Johnson and Sephora for OPI

Oh my goodness, excuse me for a moment whilst I try and control my excitement enough to write this post but ahhhhh yes my pretties,  Betsey Johnson (aka my fashion idol) is teaming up for a Sephora by OPI nail polish collection. YES! This is the most incredible news and to be honest, and possibly quite sadly, has cheered me up immensely from my little mid week slump. The whole collection consists of seven full sized colours (as pictured above), a six piece mini nail polish set, long lasting trend tips and flashy nail designs. Of this incredible collaboration Betsey says:

“I am Too Too excited for my first nail collection with Sephora by OPI! The collection is just how I like it – loud, outrageous, pretty, pinky, and kickass rock and roll.”

The  seven nail polish colours which from the top row to bottom are:

  • It's My Pink! (hot pink, scented nail polish that smells like Betsey's Too Too perfume)
  • Sparkling Personality (gleaming silver glitter)
  • Forever Wild, (black grape)
  • Pushing Your Luck (reddest red)
  • Alley Cat (purple-y fuchsia)
  • Cartwheels on the Catwalk (sea foam green)
  • XOX Betsey (sandy nude shade)

Then there’s the  mini Polish Set  that includes:

  • Son of a Gun (metallic charcoal) (mini kit exclusive)
  • Yellow My Name is Betsey (yellow) (mini kit exclusive)
  • Too Too Turq (turquoise) (mini kit exclusive)
  • Pushing Your Luck (red)
  • XOX Betsey (sandy nude)
  • Alley Cat (fuschia)

Then the trend tip designs in the following patterns:

  • Skull
  • Cheetah
  • Lips

Finally little nail designs with the following decoration:

  • Cherries
  • Lightning Bolts
  • Bow Patterns

Ummmm wow, so wasn’t expecting to randomly come across this news, I’m appalled how late I am with finding it all out to be honest. I’m like the biggest Betsey fan girl, I swear! haha. For anymore information click here but I highly recommend checking out the Beautezine post because it has some wonderful photos of all the packaging and also contains a mini review. I’m going to be completely un-beauty-blogger ish and proclaim I love this collection before it even hits the shelves, I know, I know it’s bad, but I am afraid I am so blinkered because I love Betsey so much! But okay, being sensible now, perhaps some of the shades aren’t the most unique in the world, but I am all over the Too Too fragranced one, that’s such a sweet edge, and the nail trend tips and little nail designs look the main driving force behind this collection to me.

A nail polish collection is perfect for Betsey, and I heard rumours years ago about a beauty range, so I’m more than delighted with this, but would I be pushing it further if I could beg once more for a Betsey Johnson and MAC collaboration? Come on, it NEEDS to happen, imagine the packaging, the colours, the….everything!

This collection is released in March this year in all Sephora stores and Sephora online. Bit gutted at it being Sephora as we no longer have the store in the UK. Sob sob. Does anyone know if Sephora does a decent priced UK delivery? I will get detective on this and find out for you all!

Would love to know what you think of the collection :).



  1. But OPI are owned by COTY who test on animals :( Otherwise I would snap them up! :( Did you know that MAC are owned by Estee Lauder who are now going to be testing on animals

    So sad that this is still going on :(

    1. No. Way! They are? Oh my goodness I didn't know this! I had no idea OPI were involved in this. Ugh, thank you for letting me know, so disappointed :( xoxo

  2. Ahhhhhhhhh I LOVE Betsey! I deffo need allllll of this haha. & a scented nail polish? Um, WOW!

  3. I really like the collectionit has lovely colours and the nail designs are so cute! xx

  4. OMG I can only imagine your face when you found out that this was happening hahaha! xxx

  5. I really like the sparking personality love glitter at the moment

  6. Wow this is really exciting! All those colours are beautiful! There are quite a few Sephora by OPI that I really like. Unfortunately I don't think Sephora ship to the UK? Or at least they didn't when I wanted to place an a couple of months ago! x

    1. Apparently they don't. Bring back Sephora, that's what I say! xoxo

  7. They're lovely colours. I loooove the bow stickers too, so cute! x

  8. So shocked that such big names still test on animals?!? Are u joking?!? That is awful, just awful!!! :(

    1. Yep just found out from Forever the ugly duckling. I had no idea OPI were apart of it. So disappointed :( xoxo

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