Favourites: December 2011

I'm actually writing this favourites post in 2012 which is kind of silly, but I forgot to do it before! I have also just noticed that I didn’t even have a favourites post for November. I’m truly, truly slacking here people! Anyway, here’s what lovelies I have found in December.  Oh and apologies for the naff photos. I was feeling a bit lazy and used my dressing table area to take them, which has terrible lighting, so sorry!


1. Harajuku Lovers G Christmas Perfume

I got this perfume for Christmas and I’m so in love with it. I got it as a little treat for myself, which I know is sad, but I spotted it late on Christmas Eve and it was so festive I had to put it under the tree! This scent is different to the original G perfume which I reviewed here in that it has more vanilla in and the bottom notes are more prominent. Because this is a limited edition scent I’m trying to use it very sparingly, but it’s just so beautiful I want to use it every single day! Here’s a little scent information from Sephora, and yes once I use it all up, it will be a cute Christmas decoration!

Jingle all the way with Jingle G! A warm, cozy fragrance, this fruity-oriental scent is perfect for nuzzling underneath the mistletoe.
Decked out in a festive red and white suit, Jingle G has a built-in hook in her cap that enables her to become a holiday tree ornament. With a bright red hair bow and gold belt buckle to hold up her three-button suit, Jingle G is ready to celebrate the holiday dressed in festive style.
White Star Fruit, Gardenia, Tangerine, Honeysuckle, Orange Blossom, Jasmine, Vanilla, Cedarwood, Lace Benzion Tears.
Warm. Cozy. Festive.


2. Vera Wang Princess Perfume

Yes, two fragrance favourites in a month! And even though I adore the little Harajuku perfumes if I was forced to pick just one fragrance to wear forever it would be this one. It really is ‘my scent’ and includes a gorgeous mixture of waterlily, apple, mandarin meringue, and golden apricot skin, dark chocolate, amber, musk, and vanilla. So stay away from this if you don’t like sweet scents, but if you like vanilla, you need this in your life. It smells so delicious, and I absolutely adore it. The bottle is also beautiful, so big win all around!


3. Babyliss Pro Hot Pink Wide Porcelain Rebel Conical Wand Curling Tong

I used to have an old school curling tong which were about £10 from Superdrug, not very good and for some stupid reason I never bothered looking for anything else. Well, when they spectacularly broke the other day I asked for this conical wand from Babyliss. It’s the wide barrel version (it is available in slim) and it’s amazing! Why on earth didn’t I get a conical wand ages ago? It makes curling your hair so fast, and so easy. It literally takes me under 10 minutes to style my whole head, which I love. I like to curl my whole head and then brush them out to give proper full on 1950s Hollywood waves. You can get the exact wand above here.


4. MAC Chatterbox Lipstick

Not much to say about this one, but everyone has been talking about it recently, and I remembered what a gorgeous shade it is. It’s the perfect hot pink that isn’t too bright or OTT but just quietly, wonderfully pink. Love it.


5. Models Own Juicy Jules Nail Polish

When I was at the Clothes Show I asked you all which nail polishes I had to own as they were doing a 3 for £10 and get a goody bag deal (which incidentally, I have one up for grabs by clicking here) and tons of you said to get this one, and I’m not surprised because it’s pure glittery goodness!


6. Eylure Nadine from Girls Aloud Party Lashes

I adore the Girls Aloud Eylure lashes and even though they are not really going anymore you can still seem to get them everywhere. The above lashes are from the party range and yes they are a little bling, bling but perfect for Christmas and New Year’s eve.


7. Lee Stafford Dry Shampoo

I have semi dark hair, so like most people can find some dry shampoos leave a horrible grey-ish tinge. This one from Lee Stafford is fabulous. It has the gorgeous scent that is in everything Lee Stafford does and gives hair so much volume too.


8. Steam Cream Facial Moisturiser

I’ve literally just done a review for this, so to avoid sounding like a repetitive bore, check out my review here to see why I love it so much.


9. Origins A Perfect World

I used to think I didn’t need a serum, but I have been using this stuff for years and years now and it’s one of my holy grail products. I couldn’t love it more. Maybe I should properly review it? I’m not sure why I haven’t before actually. I’ll add it to my list and review it because I don’t want to clog this favourites post up.


10. Patterned Tights

Oh my goodness I adore tights. In fact I think that’s why I adore autumn and winter so much. Tights, tights, tights. I’m really into anything with patterns along with block colours. The above are some New Look suspender tights with hearts at the back. Most people I know things they look slutty but really? I don’t think so, what do you think?

And that’s it, my last favourites for 2011. Let me know any favourites you’ve had lately, or for the whole of 2011. But most importantly don’t forget to enter my thank you giveaway for the new year here.



  1. I bought that Harajuku Lovers perfume for a few people as presents, it was lovely! x

  2. I won Chatterbox! It is such a pretty shade :)

  3. @ Sue- Yay for winning it, it's one of the best MAC shades :).


  4. I like suspender tighs but I do think sometimes they can look a bit nasty but that is only if the whole look is trashy which is something you never are! :)

    That MAC lippie looks gorgeous.....I may have to get it xo

  5. I have been wanting to try the HARAJUKU perfume, but I cant never find them. It seems like they are always out of stock around me.

  6. Some great favourites here lovely! I love the Harajuku perfumes! You should deff keep it when you have finished with it and use it as a tree decoartion next Christmas! ;) xxx

  7. I wish I could get the hang of falsh eye lashes.

  8. Aah, Princess is my favourite perfume in the whole wide world! <3 Love your favourites, I really want to get Chatterbox so badly, it seems like the perfect colour for me! x

  9. I got the Vera Wang Princess perfume for Christmas and I'm obsessed with it, it smells a-mazing :-)


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