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So sometime before my birthday I expressed on Twitter that I was in need of a new hair styling tool for waves, and so many of you said I should try Enrapture. Well funnily enough, not long after my birthday, I was contacted by Enrapture themselves asking if I would like to try one of their products. Such fantastic timing, and I was thrilled to finally put the much talked about brand to the test. I picked out the Amplify Jumbo Waver. I have always wanted to try a jumbo waver, but I have tried a few cheap ones and ended up with crimped hair, which was absolutely not the look I was going for! For the record, I like crimped hair, but not from a waver!

I was trying to achieve the Bohemian look (found a handy little video above if you want to give it a go!) because I’m really into that whole 70s look this season, hence the hat! What surprised me is just how many different looks you can get from one product, especially a waver like this because I honestly thought it was a one-look-type-product, but oh how wrong I was! You see although I make hair things, I’m actually got totally ofay with hair styling.

Little facts about the waver:

  • Super fast heat up
  • High constant heat
  • Instant heat recovery from wave to wave
  • Easily styles even the thickest hair
  • Polished titanium for snag free shiny waves
  • Rounded jumbo 25mm barrels to create big, deep ‘S’ waves
  • Create volumising texture for short and long styles
  • Instant and long lasting results
  • Easy grip sprung marcel handle
  • Handle locking ring for storage
  • Easy to manoeuvre three metre swivel cord
  • Cool tips for two handed control
  • Packaged in a beautiful gift box

But in a nutshell here is what I think:


  • The fantastic literally jumbo barrels are absolutely perfect for gorgeous big waves and I would absolutely agree with the above. For me, this makes the product.
  • I love the variable heat settings because I guess by messing about with the heat creates different looks, and it means if you’re cautious about using heated products on your hair, you can adjust it accordingly.
  • The titanium plates definitely makes sure the hair doesn’t get snagged or tangled, and actually I don’t think my hair got caught once which is a bit of a miracle with hair my length!
  • I know it’s not about the packaging but it really does come in the most luxurious box and I adore the heat protective pouch and little style guide.


  • I found it really, reeeally heavy which is only a con because if you’re holding it for a few seconds, it can just seem to take a long time. Then again, my hair is really long, so it would do! Having said that, I am actually glad they are this big because that’s what creates the gorgeous waves.
  • You have to be very, very careful not to burn your neck with these things because they are so big.
  • There was something about the handle I didn’t like too much, but I don’t think it will bother anyone else, I’m just very heavy handed!!!

Overall I love these wavers and they are without doubt the best I have ever  tried, but then again, I have only tried little cheap ones. If you want gorgeous beachy, bohemian waves then this might be your dream styling product. So yes whilst part of me felt they were quite heavy and too big, it really is this that makes them so perfect to achieve that look. They are about £74 which at first I thought was really pricey, but actually they are twice the size of say Babyliss which is £30 odd, so I guess it makes sense then!

So I’m intrigued to know what wavers you have used and like? To those who have Enrapture, is this the styler you meant? For more information click here.



  1. Love the waves you've achieved with these. I bought the totem styler recently and thought it was a fab product but curls drop so fast in my hair no matter what I use so I took it back =( I guess I'm just destined to have straight hair!

  2. @ Flutter and Sparkle- Aww no that sucks, even with day 2 hair my curls look exactly the same. Have you tried lots of hair spray or something?


  3. Turned out lovely :) they look great xx


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