More Fun At The Clothes Show 2011

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So I had so many photos but I didn’t want to completely spam my blog with hundreds of them, and indeed too much about it in general, but yes I am back from the show now but I had the most amazing week. I am so thankful to the Clothes Show for inviting me to be apart of it all this year, and for me as a normal girl who just crafts in her spare time, it’s incredible to think ‘wow, could I actually make this a real job?’. After many things that have happened this year I am really starting to think this could be possible.

I had the fortune of meeting so many amazing customers, bloggers and just other very inspiring people and I am so, so thankful to you all. Thank you so much for shopping my little venture since I first started my blog, and just thank you for all the support full stop. I’m actually going to invest the majority of the earnings into making my shop a proper business rather than a little thing on the side. I hope to have nearly everything up on my store that was at the show, however a lot of the things I made were very limited edition. The good news is that I hope to be back next year, and better, much, much better! So if you missed me this year, I hope to see you in 2012!

Special thank you to my gorgeous neighbours Mollie and Loela, Maria Allen, Tea and Scandal, Regal Rose, the lovely Jamie Stevens, every lovely blogger and customer, the Clothes Show Live itself, the Holiday Inn Express for a lovely stay, and the lovely food at the Little Owl pub. So many more people to thank, but it deserves a whole post of its own I think!!!

Stay tuned to my little giveaway that I will hopefully get up tomorrow, and please click here to visit my shop for your chance to see some new things!



  1. I had a few jewellery designer friends at the show this year and they all said it was pretty awful, such a shame.

    Your set up all looks great though and glad you had a wonderful time! :D

  2. It was so lovely to meet you there! Such a great show- and I love my purchase :) Must blog on it soon- glad you had a great time xx

  3. Oooh I love those glittery bows! Great for a bit of christmas sparkle :) xx

  4. congratulations on your success at the clothes show lovely! there are so many adorable things in those photos :) xx


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