Hai, Youtube!

I hope you’re all having a lovely few restful days after Christmas, or if you have already gone back to work, that it is going okay. Today I am posting a quick post and a video, which I never thought I would do! However for years now I have wanted to do videos in some ways. I started watching beauty videos back in 2005/6 with the lovely Amy04 and was captivated by the beauty community, however as it developed, I felt like I had little to offer really. Over the years Youtube the community has grown considerably so, and there are some gurus that I just think are incredible. There is of course a kind of backlash againist some types of beauty vlogging, which I am sure you are all aware of, so I just never bothered to jump on that bandwagon.

With the above being said, I still wanted to make videos, and last year I had the idea to start doing some crafting videos, so I created a new Youtube channel as the one I had from many years ago has the most embarrassing screename ever!  Like ever, ever, I can assure you, haha. So now I will be doing sporadic videos all to do with fashion DIY, customising and stuff like that. It will be intergrated into my blog, but I just didn’t want to do this with photos and words like most because I am truly terrible and explaining myself, so it is easier if you just watch what I do. I’ll be doing everything from how to get such and such a look from the catwalk, how to make little vintage candles, jewellery…just everything really except for hair, because you know, that’s kind of my thing!

So the whole Youtube thing is a totally new world to me, but if you click here then I believe you can subscribe to me, which would be fabulous, of course! I’m not sure what video to make first, jewellery, something catwalk-y? What do you think? Please leave me some thoughts below.



  1. Looking forward to the upcoming videos! It'll definitely be nice to see some more crafty bits on YT.
    Hope you had a lovely Christmas my dear! :)

  2. Subscribed!! Looking forward to what you come out with, i often watch crafting videos on youtube- crochet/knit etc :)


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