LUSH Christmas 2011 BBS: Three Gold Rings


Sodium Bicarbonate, Cream of Tartar, Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Lauryl Betaine, Golden Lustre, Myrrh Resinoid, Cocamide DEA, Soya Milk, Organic Sweet Orange Oil, Vanilla Absolute, *Benzyl Salicylate, Coumarin, *Limonene, Perfume *occurs naturally in essential oils

A luxury foaming bath of gold and vanilla. Three Gold Rings is a bath of bling, for days when what you need most is a bit of luxury and a sense that all is well with the world.  It’s swirling waters of shimmering gold will mesmerise you, whilst it’s rich, layered vanilla fragrance will wrap you in a comforting hug. This product contains Simon’s fine vanilla fragrance of myrrh resin, sweet orange oil and vanilla absolute that he developed for our Crème Anglaise body lotion.  Swoosh the water for ripples of shimmering gold, meditate on the patterns and let life pass you by for an hour.

I’m back with another Christmas LUSH review, because I adore the LUSH Christmas range and it’s pretty much all I use throughout the winter months. This product, ‘Three Gold Rings’ is a bubble bar slice, so if you’re new to LUSH then basically they are LUSH’s equivalent to bubble bath. You literally snap off a chunk and crumble it under running bath water. If you’re feeling decadent you can use the whole thing, but everyone I know, and even those who worked for lush, break it up because at £3.75 for just one, you’ll want to savour it!

So that’s how you use it, so now on to the scent. Oh my word, beautiful! If like me you adore vanilla then you’ll want to buy a hundred of these. And not that nasty artificial vanilla, true creamy, warm rich vanilla from real vanilla pods. There’s just nothing like this and eager LUSH fans will recognise this as the gorgeous Creme Anglaise. However to me it will always be a B Never scent, and I would smoother some all over my hands when I worked there because it was just beautiful (in case you’re confused, it used to be a B Never product, and then when B went, it was re-launched as a LUSH product). Having said that to some the scent may be too much, I mean I purchased this in Liverpool and my whole suitcase was left with this scent, and you could even smell it from the outside!!!! Other than the scent, it left my skin and the bath water feeling like silk. I mean I can’t remember softer bubble baths since forever. I can’t wait to buy a million of these little things! A*** from me!

Click here to read other reviews, read more, and to buy online. I would love to know your thoughts below if you’ve tried this one? Let me know if you’re stocking up on LUSH Christmas products.



  1. I can not wait to stock up on Lush products, going to buy myself LOADS of bottles of Snow Fairy and i'll be sure to check out three gold rings too! x

  2. I agree with the comments. This is indeed a very good product. The name "Three Gold Rings" is just brilliant. gold bars for sale


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