What’s in my mini day bag?






So my mum, nana and I went on a little day trip to Street, in Somerset and whilst I was sitting in the car I thought I’d sort out my handbag, and then thought, why not document it? For the record it was a long drive and sometimes country lanes can get a little samey!

It seems forever ago now since I did a ‘what’s in my handbag post’, but most things haven’t changed. The bag itself is from New Look, but I’m afraid I can’t find it on the main website. You should be able to get it though. Normally I wouldn’t ever buy a bag this small but then for work we have small lockers and I was always getting my big bags caught in the lock!!! You’d be surprised what I can fit in this bag though, just look!

The brown bow wallet is also from New Look. I have always used my Marilyn Monroe one I got in LA but it was getting a bit tired and so reluctantly swapped because I did love that little thing. My coin purse is from Topshop, you’ve all seen that in a favourites post, and long time reader of my blog know I have the weirdest obsession with rabbits! Below that I then have another two little purses. I know, I know, I get teased all the time for having little purses for everything! The one on the left is my little Yumi Russian doll purse where I keep my car key and other keys on huuuuge big silly key rings! One owl and Russian dolls, and the other a little Gibraltar monkey! I also keep some sweets in here for when I need a sugar pick me up. The other purse is my mini emergency kit. I have tablets, plasters, sickness bands, a sewing kit, nail file etc. You never ever know when you might need something from one of these things! Below that is everything else. My tangle teezer, mobile, notepad, mirror, dry shampoo, inhaler (yes, asthma girl!), pass and hand cream.

And that’s pretty much everything, I can’t believe I fit this much in this teeny bag! So now I’m really curious to see what you all carry around with you. Let me know below :).



  1. I wish I could have my bag as organized as yours Georgie! I love that every girl has a Tangle Teezer on their bags ahah xx

  2. Getting all that in one tiny bag is a talent, and it's so organised! My bag is full of stuff but it's all old receipts and lip glosses, nothing useful! xxx


  3. Wow, that's some serious organisation, particularly your emergency mini kit!! My handbag is ridiculous, I chuck all sorts of junk in but rarely the stuff I need, disorganised is my middle name :)

  4. always love a good whats in your bag post



  5. You manage to squeeze so much stuff in! Also, I'm really regretting not buying that little rabbit purse now - I forgot how sweet it is!

  6. @ Glitter Detector- A tangle teezer is essential! ;).

    @ Hannah- Haha, thanks! Oh trust me, I have many old receipts lying around in my wallet!

    @ Monday Receptionist- Thank you, I try!!! I do have my fair share of junk ;).

    @ Jazzy E (Hivenn)- Thank you!

    @ Audrey Leighton- A classic, right ;).

    @ Sophie Isobel- It's so cute, I bet a Topshop somewhere still has some left!


  7. How do you fit so much stuff in such a little bag?! lol It's all so organised too! I really need to get a Tangle Teezer I lost mine :(

    L x


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