Favourites: September 2011

I’m writing this on Sunday, and it’s now the second day of the new month, October, so excuse my lateness! I’m getting terribly slack with my favourites post these days! Lesson well and truly learnt!


1. Dainty Doll Liquid Foundation

I have to start this favourites post with my absolute favourite product of to be honest, forever! As you all know, my skin is snow white fair, and I really struggle finding a foundation match. Well normally I never bother with any foundation at all, but finally the amazing Nicola Roberts, of Girls Aloud fame, created her fabulous make up range for pale skinned lovelies and now, for the first time in my life, I have liquid foundation that matches me perfectly. I mean, I have got along with Make Up Forever shades in the past, but this is literally perfect! I am going to do a review on it very, very soon but just know, I love it! I purchased it at Look Fantastic and highly recommend getting it from them!


2. Topshop Socks

My feet are always freeeeeezing cold and at this time of year (although not the last few days, hello the return of summer!) I try to smoother my feet in LUSH’s Pied De Pepper (which I am so cross won’t be around much longer!) and then cocoon my feet in some cute socks! I love Topshop’s 3 for £8 deal and recently got these lovelies. I of course had to get some Squirrel socks oh and I also have these panda ones, elephant ones, and you know I’m in love with these rabbit ones too! I can’t find the other two online, but they are in every Topshop I have visited recently.


3. Shaun The Sheep Shower Poof

Isn’t this just super adorable?! I HAD to get it, and it soon became a favourite…I mean just look at his little sheep, cute!!!


4. Models Own ‘Utopia’ Nail Polish

This is actually my most recent NOTD, but it has soon become one of my favourite Models Own polishes, and for some reason, even though I’m usually all about darker shades this time of year, I can’t stop wanting to wear this! A really gorgeous grey/lilac that I would highly recommend, and be quick if you want it because I believe Boots are  still doing a 3 for 2 on make up! If you want to see what it looks like on you can check out my NOTD here.


5. New Make Up Storage

I post quite a lot about make up storage, because it really interests me. Recently I have completely changed the way I store my make up and this colourful storage tower is so perfect. I have actually done a whole post about this so if you want to check that out feel free to click here.


6. Happy Hair Days Marshmallow and Coconut Colour Care Shampoo and Conditioner

First of all I am so sorry that the quality of the above photo is disgusting, I took it in awful lighting at night! Anyway, I absolutely LOVE the Happy Hair Days hair care range. I got it simply because it had marshmallow and coconut in and basically that sounded amazing, but then I realised how it’s got very eco-friendly ingredients, and it’s just fantastic! Even though I don’t have coloured hair it works for me really well. And anyway, my red hair tends to change on its own throughout the year, so if it can make it stay dark all year round, then that’s an extra bonus. Only problem is that the company is a total enigma; no shop or anything. The only place I’ve found any is on the Boots website, and I got my set in a big ish Boots.


7. New Look Brogue Bag

I am absolutely loving this little bag. Normally I’m very much a huge bag girl, but lately, (but don’t ask me how), I’ve been getting everything in this little cutie. It’s not super, super small, but definitely not a big regular handbag size. But it’s £12.99 which I think is really good value. Snap it up if you like it here.


8. Naked Coco De Mer Body Wash

For anyone who is also trying to rid SLS from their beauty routine, you may symphathise when it comes to shower gel. For some reason, it is impossible to find lovely smelling and yet natural shower products. A trip to Boots or Superdrug will leave you pretty much empty handed, that is until I had a gander at Naked Cosmetics products. The scent wise isn’t overwhemling, but I did fall a little for this one, Coco De Mer. At first I was a bit, yeah it smells nice but not best scent in the world or anything, but now I’ve come to really, reeeally love it! So much so, that I think I might buy the bath foam to go with it. If you want to read more about it, the link is voila.


9. Superdrug Optimum Super Antioxidant Grape Eye Cream

You’ve probably heard a lot about the Optimum range from Superdrug, which boosts that their products deliver as effective anti-aging products as say, a £300 cream. Well I got sucked in because I was in need of a new eye cream and I thought I should use something which anti aging properties because, well, it’s never too early right? Well yes, this was my thinking! To read the techy bit, click here, but I love how fresh my eyes look each morning and it feels lovely and moisturised too. I can’t comment about aging things, because it’s not something I have currently, but it’s made my favourites because I think it’s proving to really do some good to the skin around my eyes.

10. Coldplay ‘Paradise’

I’m making a little change this month with my favourites post and featuring some music! I have become so obsessed with this song, as you probably all know from my Twitter. I don’t know why, but I find something very enchanting about it all. I really love Coldplay, and I must learn to play this on the piano, or violin. Beeeautiful.

Anyway I hope you enjoyed my September favourites, and now this is the part where I throw it over to you. Let me know what you are currently loving below, or link me to your posts.



  1. Oh my I am loving those socks-I think a topshop visit is a must very soon hehe! XX

  2. Great picks, I love the new Coldplay track too x

  3. I always love your favourites post - they're always full of fun things! xx

  4. Great post!

    I love the look of the shampoo & conditioner, I feel a Boots trip is in order!

    Sarah xx

  5. I'll post my September favorites soon then I'll send you the link :) Shaun the sheep is amazing here in Portugal her name is Choné ahah x

  6. Cute socks! (: And that make up storage looks awesome too! Have a nice evening!

  7. Great post.

    Emma x

  8. Ooo nice picks, I love your new make-up storage I really need something like this AND topshop socks are the best!

    L x

  9. I use that body wash at the moment, and same as you, I wasn't too keen but now I love it! Do you find it makes your skin so so soft? I do! Ps. go for the bath foam, it's lovely but doesn't last that long :/ x


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