Favourites: October 2011

So October has come to an end, so that means November is here and then soon it will be Christmas. Woah! What has happened to this year, seriously guys?! Answers on a postcard, or comments? haha. Anyway, a few things that I’m been loving this month are below, and like always I want to know what you love during the month too.


1. Liz Earle Sheer Skin Tint SPF 15

So I actually did a  review of this product a little while ago and at the time really liked it, but the colour was a bit of an issue, but for some bizarre reason, this month the colour has been spot on. I don’t get it! Well actually I just mixed a bit of my Dainty Doll foundation into it, like the teeniest amount, or whatever I have lying around and wow what a difference. I now seriously cannot get enough of this thing, and even though I was sent it, I would re-purchase. However my skin is a lot better than it was in that review, but anyway, very, very in love with it at the moment!


2. Clarins Daily Energizers

About a month or so again my Nana and I had a free Clarins facial at the beauty salon she has been going to for years. She has always used nothing other than Clarins, but for some reason I’ve always assumed they were fully of nasties and just generally overpriced, but the lady gave me some samples of some of the things she used and my skin LOVES it! I got a sample of the cleansing gel, wake up booster and the cream gel. They all smell absolutely delicious, like seriously good! It’s a lovely very clean pleasant smell and even though these samples are small, they are generous enough to get a good feel for them. My skin has such a glow to it since I have started to use them, and so much so, that I have already purchased a big bottle of the wake-up booster!


3. Clinique High Impact Mascara

I know I only mentioned this one not long ago, but I purchased the full size not long ago. I am head over heels in love with this mascara! It holds the curl nicely and gives tons of volume, which I love. I would highly recommend it, but yes, at £13 it was quite pricey, but my lashes love it.


4. MAC Spiced Chocolate Eyeshadow Quad- Cult of Cherry

Blimey, look at the state of that!!! You can tell I love this palette…a lot! So yes, for a long time now I’ve loved this palette that I believe was released in maybe 2008? It was definitely part of the Cult of Cherry collection. I have sadly nearly used up my beloved Nanogold which used to be literally the only highlighter I would use! I use the other colours all throughout the autumn/winter months and they are still going strong! Just a classic autumnal palette really.


5. LUSH Imperialis Moisturiser

This is a classic moisturiser if you have combination skin like me, and I’ve been using it on and off for many, many years now. I am a bit of a skincare junkie, it has to be said, and I like to mix it up a lot as you can tell from my blog. I do love this in the colder weather when my skin needs a moisturise burst as I feel LUSH moisturisers are super moisturing, but be warned that some people do break out from them because of the cocoa butter. My skin loves it, and alongside my other skin care items, I’ve been loving this even more lately.


6. 100 Foods to Stay Young- Charlotte Watts

So I’m a firm believer that you are what you eat and if you’ve read my blog for a while you know that I have always been a huge fan of feeding your skin from the inside. I’m a big fan of my beloved Healthy Skin Diet and I then found this little beauty in my local book discount store. It’s a book that is in a similar vein to the Healthy Skin Diet in that it discusses foods and drinks that provide skin with the essential vitamins and nutrients to nourish your skin from the inside. It has different chapters on fruit, vegetables, meat etc, and what’s even better is that for every food mentioned, there is a recipe on how to use it in your diet. I can’t wait to try some of them, if you want me to post one on here for some inspiration let me know.


7. Yumi Bow Bag

If you read my recent account of my visit to Clarks Village in Street you will know that I fell for this little beauty. I know it’s probably a spring bag but to be honest I love it for this time of year too as it goes with pretty much everything. Perfect size too, I think I’ll be using this for ages! Oh and if you want to see what I carry around with me I literally wrote a updated post a few days ago :).


8. Lid Stuff Soap & Glory

Some of you eager beavers will have noticed that Soap & Glory have recently branched into make up. Well they’ve always had a few make up bits, but now you’ll notice full stands in larger Boots stores. I was recently given the opportunity to trial the new palette which I will upload a FOTD for later in the week as I’m still enjoying playing around with it, but it’s so lovely. Like I said, I’ll discuss it more later but I do really love this and I need to be careful to not use it every single day as I can get in bad make up habits like that, I like to switch it up every now and then!


9. Topshop Make Up ‘Pillow Talk’ Lipstick

I feel like every blogger has been talking about this but yes, it is Topshop’s ‘Pillow Talk’ lipstick from their latest A/W 11 colour collection. Topshop make up doesn’t get raved about enough in my opinion; I adore it! I’ve had this lipstick a while now and it’s the perfect pinky nude. It reminds me of 50s pin ups and Doris Day in ‘Pillow Talk’ the film itself. Veeeery pretty and something I like to rock with the above.


10. ‘Mylo Xyloto’ Coldplay

A non- beauty fashion favourite to finish- the new Coldplay album! This will stay in my car for weeks probably, I am so lazy at changing CDs, but so far loving it!



  1. Wow some great products here! Love this post xx

  2. Ooh I really want to try some of the Clarins skincare products I've tried the cleansing milk and really liked it. I really need to get my hands on pillow talk I think :-)

  3. That bow bag is so cute. I'm loving the look of the new Soap and Glory make up too, can't wait to pick up a few pieces when I get back x

  4. I am dying to try the Soap and Glory What's Nude Lid Stuff and Topshop's Pillow Talk!

    Frances x
    Twitter: Francesss__

  5. I just bought that bag today in Clarks Village I love it so much.

    I love Coldplay too and that album is fabulous. xx


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