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Good evenings (or morning, afternoon, you know the drill!) to you my lovelies, how I have missed you! I know I’ve been a little M.I.A on the old blog lately, but I have actually spent the last week in Liverpool staying with family. Long time followers will know that I go up every year, if not more, and I absolutely love this place. Well okay, my family don’t live exactly in the centre of Liverpool, but only a 10 minute Mersey Rail journey away (oh Mersey Rail, how I love thee!). I felt a little bit meh some of the time because it’s the first big thing since I discovered my illness earlier this year, but I was so happy to be there and tried to soak up every second! Liverpool is one of my favourite cities in the world. It has such a unique energy to it, and of course, shopping was done! In fact, I will be writing up a shopping guide to Liverpool very, very soon. Remember the ones I did on Bristol and Brighton? Well I’ve definitely not given up on the series, I just haven’t been to any new shopping cities lately!

Whilst I was there, I visited the Rene Magritte exhibition at the Tate which was fantastic, but has sadly ended now. I also meandered around Matthew Street, pretending I was a 60s girl, and then on the last days there visited Heswall, Parkgate and the ever so lovely Brimstage, which is where I met that cute little hen!

In other news, my little blog was born in October 2008 and so this month is my blog’s 3rd birthday. I actually cannot believe it, 3 years! On the one hand it seems no time at all, and then on the other, like a million years ago. I feel I absolutely must do something to celebrate, but I have no idea what! Ideas on a postcard, or perhaps in the comment please ;). I definitely have a lot of posts to catch up on. I have a few things I want to review and I also want to start my new project on here, but don’t want to officially announce it until I am certain I have the time to immerse myself in it, so to speak!

Anyway I hope you’re all well, I’ve missed you lots! Tell me your news, and my Liverpool shopping guide will be up very, very soon :).



  1. I've been to the cavern and dock, I really love it there :) glad to hear you had a good time xx

  2. Lovely post, glad you have a nice time!

    Emma x

  3. Oooh That squirrel suitcase is just darling! Oh and happy 3rd blogging birthday x


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