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So on Friday I took a little trip through the Somerset countryside with my Mum and Nana to Clarks Village in Street, which is of course named after the infamous shoe brand, Clarks! We tend to go every year and I’ve always tagged along since I was little. Like all designer outlets, most the stuff isn’t strictly ‘designer’, so don’t go expecting Chanel handbags girls! Having said that I’ve never left empty handed and I love everything I got the other day. And I know, I know, I’m doing a haul. Long time readers know I have this weird thing about hauls. I absolutely love reading/watching them, but don’t like the idea of doing them myself! Anyway, I hope you enjoy. Sorry about the awful photos, hello winter! #bloggingproblems.

This is the first time I’ve been since the arrival of Yumi, so you can all imagine how excited I was about that! I picked up the above little cream dress, because I know I already have the green version already, but this dress is one of my absolute favourites! I know it’s probably way too girlie for most, but this is me in dress form. I tweeted months ago the two colours on me and 90% of you said they preferred the green on me, but because this was only £14.99 from £45, I couldn’t leave without it! I also picked up a little cameo bag, which has actually lost the little cameo centre piece, but hey I’m a crafter, that’s not a problem for me! It was only £7.50 so a total bargain to me. I then went back to Yumi and got this black lace cardigan for just £10.99. It’s so snug, and an A/W essential to have. Fiiinally a gorgeous bluey-grey bow handbag which was £29.99 but I got it for £12.99. I am so in love with this beauty! I’m going to have to move into it straight away, so if you read my updated what’s in my bag post yesterday, my things are moving into this!

After much damage was done in Yumi I got two shoes. The top grey metallic ones were from Jane Shilton, but they actually have Pulse on the inside, but I think it’s still Jane Shilton. They had them in a peachy pink too which I kind of preferred, but no size 5. Still, I think these will go with so much more, and I’m in love with the vintage 1920s style they exude.  They were £95 but I got them for £24.99. Gooorgeous. But finally I got these black velvet heels with gold studs from guess where? Clarks itself! Yes! I haven’t purchased anything from Clarks since my school years and couldn’t believe it when I found these gorgeous things! They were only £15, and I think they were originally £30.

Anyway if any of you are in the Somerset area definitely give Street a visit. It’s in a very picturesque spot and you might find a gem or two!



  1. Thanks for making the post Georgie, I love love love the bag is so cute and that place looks beautiful xx

  2. I have a visit to Clark's planned soon! So excited they have a YUMI shop!


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