Baby It’s Cold Outside…



Whilst the lovely late summer weather at the beginning of the month was a very welcome surprise, it definitely feels a lot colder now. As you lose so much heat through your head, I live in knitted hats throughout winter, but for those who like something a little less for their mane, I am knitting up these bow headbands, and also some turbans. This is a lovely hot pink but I am making them in every colour you could imagine, and in fact, if you have any requests, I would love you to leave them below.

Unfortunately these are not going to be available until December, but as I love you all so, I’m giving you a sneak preview, so I hope you love! Stay tuned to my online shop to see when they will be up. Don’t forget to enter HALLOWEEN11 at checkout for 10% off! I’ll be back with some outfit and make up looks soon :).



  1. This is adorable, love it! Your lashes look lovely too bb :)

  2. this is so cute!!

  3. @ Monday Receptionist- Aww thank you!

    @ Adrianne Cruz- Thank you!

    @ Sweetaholic Rachel- Thank you :).

    @ Raffles Bizarre- Yay, thank you, that's what I'm aiming for ;).

    @ StephanieDJL- Thank you! They are the Kimberley from Girls Aloud ones :).

    @ Steffen- Thank you!



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