REVIEW: Queen Of Crafts by Jazz Domino Holly

For readers of Company Magazine Jazz Domino Holly will be a familiar face to you, with her oh-so-amazing crafting page, ‘Mistress of Stitch’, where each month she comes up with gorgeous fashionable creations anyone can create. Her column in Company is my favourite thing in the whole magazine and I always find myself wanting to go straight to this page to see what she comes up with! However, I adore Company magazine as a whole, just so you know!

The daughter of rock-royalty Joe Strummer of the Clash and founder of the Shoreditch Sisters Women's Institute, Jazz Domino Holly, is most certainly worthy of her ‘Queen of Crafts’ label. As you all know, I am a crafter myself, and I even opened a shop last year showcasing my crafty pieces, so I was longing to get my hands on this book. Jazz Domino Holly stresses quite a bit that some people see crafting as something a bit old, weird and basically not very ‘cool’, but she suggests that in fact crafting can be made in the same spirit as punk-rock music, like her famous father. Moreover, much like punk music itself, her crafts are somewhat rebellious, unique, fun and ultimately break some of the rules! So in her book you get step-by-step guides to creating your own sugar lip scrub, cute heart bunting, homemade jam tarts, marmalade (complete with label tutorial!) and even how to grow your own mini herb garden. Too rock 'n’ roll!

I absolutely love this book and it’s the perfect companion to my crafty loving ways. The book is nicely divided up between things like knitting, DIY beauty, cooking, garden and sewing. It’s the perfect book to dip in and out of and I love the history of the elements of crafting. It makes you realise what history it has. It’s great for someone new to crafting, but I do think if you’re a complete newbie you may benefit from a bit of extra help, like with the knitting for example, but Holly herself agrees. Also, in some ways the book is a little different from how I thought it would be in that I thought it would be tutorial after tutorial like her Company article would suggest, but rather Holly kind of introduces you to all the different elements of crafting, and it’s kind of up to you to create most of the ideas. She just sets you in the right direction. The one and only thing I was a bit meh about was the crafting directory at the back which is ALL London based, but again, Holly does admit this. Admittedly a lot of good stuff is in London, but don’t be afraid to explore what resources may be near you.

In the introduction to the book, Holly writes, “crafting is the perfect antidote to cookie-cutter mass-production, and gives us a means of expressing not only our individuality but also our originality in a handmade rebellion against passive consumption”. In a world where you can nip down to Primark (and I’m NOT just singling this shop out, insert any shop!) and get the same top for £5 or whatever, it’s difficult to see a world where crafting can ever be seen as a worthy thing to do. However, unleash your creative juices by removing all the buttons, dying it to your preferred colour, or add embellishments to it, whatever! Or pop along to the pound shop, grab some clear glasses and wrap lace round them to store your make up brushes in. These may be bad examples and I’m no way saying that you have to do crafty things to ordinary purchases, not at all, but what I am saying is how fun and rewarding crafting is, that it’s not something that your great ancestors did, but in fact a really empowering and extremely rewarding past time. Just think what inspiring people like William Morris did for the crafts, and the whole ‘Arts and Crafts’ movement.

If you fancy giving the whole crafting thing a go then this is a great book to have in your collection. It has also inspired me to start a little crafting feature of my own on here, because I adore it, and would absolutely love to show you how amazing it is too! Many thanks to the amazing Holly for this book, her lovely personality and passion for crafting is truly infectious!

I purchased this book ‘Queen of Crafts’ from Amazon for £9.52. Let me know what you think if you have this book too!



  1. Ah wow this sounds like a fab read!! Another to put on my Amazon wish list haha xx

  2. This sounds amazing! Love that it includes such a range of things, not just fashion. I've been struggling with a successful mini herb garden in particular so it sounds like it would come in very handy!xx

  3. @ It's great! Oh and my Amazon wishlist grows by the minute too! haha.

    @ Emily- Yeah I think you would love it for this, it goes across such a wide range of topics.


  4. Wow I just discovered your blog and already love it! You have great style and are really inspiring to me. Definitely a new fan and a follower <3
    Pop up by my page if you get a chance
    xoxo Tamara

  5. OH WOW I've never heard of this, but now I want it so so bad. These are the kind of books I love.
    Great blog!

  6. love your blog- following! :) xxx

  7. @ Tamara- Aww thank you so much, you're a sweety.

    @ WALKTHESAND- Aww yay that's great, I know you will love it!

    @ Bethany Heron- Awww thanks sweety, welcome :).


  8. My cousin's best friend. I didn't realise she was sort of famous!

  9. I must look into getting this book! Xxx


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