NOTD: Back To School Nails




Products Used:

  • Collection 2000 French Manicure 5 Day Wear-103 French White
  • Nubar ‘Baby Blue’ Nail Lacquer
  • Nubar ‘Sexy Red’ Nail Lacquer
  • Models Own Wah Nails Nail Art Pen

I haven’t done nail art in forever, but I was inspired to do so by the ever so lovely (and proper hilarious, if you haven’t checked out her LFW videos do, now!) Gem Fatale to enter her latest giveaway, and I thought you may all like to see them too. The focus of the contest was ‘style’ and I wanted to do a crafting thing, as that’s very much my style, but I am looking as rough as anything at the moment, so decided to do nails instead. I adore nail art, I just don’t have the tools so I can’t really do it! I so envy the utterly amazing skills of the Daily Nail. To do the above I used the tiniest amount of polish on the big fat brushes and hoped it wouldn’t smudge! But I know it’s not really the way to go, so I would absolutely love to have nail art recommendations in terms of brushes etc. The WAH Nail art pen is very good actually, I purchased it recently and I just dropped it onto my nail here to make some little ink dots because I don’t know about you, but I always came home from school with ink on my hands! I think come next pay day I might buy some of the Nubar Nail Art pens. I already have a pink and orange that I was kindly sent and they are really, really good.

Anyway the reason I did ‘back to school nails’ is because a lot of people I know are packing up to go off to Uni and many are well back into the school routine now, and I always make sure style follows me around, even when I’m studying! haha.

Hope you all enjoyed this little post, don’t forget to leave me nail art tool recommendations if you know of any :).



  1. Oh I love these! They look really good love! I was actually just thinking I might have to get myself some more nail art pens other than the standard models own one :P If you get some let me know how good they are?

    L x

  2. @ Laura- Aww thank you! Oh and I will indeed :).


  3. This is the coolest thing ever! Never seen nails like this, really nice idea! Wish I had the patience to do this to mine! They look great! x


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