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So way back last year I did a make up storage post where I showed you all how I store my make up and beauty bits. Well lately I’ve given this a bit of a makeover because since my crafting and shop has evolved I desperately needed more storage for everything I make, so I actually used the two blue towers I had in that post, and swapped it for this this lovely new multi-coloured tower which I got from Hobbycraft.

Each drawer is pretty much exactly the same as the last post, but I’ve included photos anyway so you can see just how much goes in these little things. I would no way describe myself as a organised person, but I try to have a drawer for: Nails, lips, eyeshadows (and palettes, expect for MAC and Sleek palettes which are on top), eyeliners and bases, foundation, blushes and general face stuff, falsies (I know, I know, I have a problem!), pigments and glitters (the little ones are all MAC pigments, would highly recommend getting sample pigments to save £s) and then finally the drawer of everything else, aka, a mess!

I prefer this system so much more than my last storage, it really works for me, and I love that it’s a lot more colourful. Actually best of all, the drawers are quite deep so you can get a lot in and stack things up.

Anyway like I said in my last post, this is not a make up collection post, it’s purely to show how I organise my stuff. I would absolutely love to see or hear how you all store everything from your dresses to your make up, so definitely let me know :).



  1. i love those drawers! nice system you've got there! x

  2. Your multi coloured drawers are so cute!! I definitely need to invest in some new ones. The ones I have now are simply to small. x

  3. I love you make up collection so many lovely products Georgie! x

  4. These draws are amazing, I love the colours! Think I need to get myself some

    L x

  5. I love this post, the drawers are so cute!!

    Sarah xx

  6. Those draws are gorgeous :) I literally only have a bag of make up haha x


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