Betsey Johnson at TK Maxx





So as you all know I mention Betsey Johnson…a lot, but I then feel a bit guilty as half my lovely UK audience can’t get hold of anything because unless you can find it in the one shop in London, it'’ll only be available in America. But fear not lovelies, because TK Maxx is your friend! Over the years I have found so many Betsey things for a fraction of the price, and I literally search like a mad woman to find them. Some days you’ll be lucky and find a few things, and other times you may not find anything. On my last visit I managed to bag this little beauty! It’s a travel make up/cosmetic bag. It has a place for brushes at the front, and then a handy file divider style system for storing other bits. I seriously love this little thing, and it only cost £15!

And so the moral of this little post? If you wonder where I get quite a few Betsey accessories: TK Maxx! Get down there now and let me know what you find! OH and before I go don’t forget my giveaway ends tomorrow, so you don’t have long to enter! You can click here to enter.



  1. thats soo cool! and pretty :) xx

  2. Wow so pretty!

    Never thought I'd find any Betsey Johnson things in TK Maxx! Will definitely be keeping an eye out :) xx

  3. We are so similar! Everytime I go on there I make a beeline for the make up bag section to see if there is any Betsey :) What a great find! xo

  4. Yesss I have lots of Betsey stuff from TK Maxx and I bought an amazing big Betsey trave bag from Winners last time I was in Canada. Love her stuff!!

  5. Great find! I found another at TK Maxx also.

  6. I always think of you when I see Betsey stuff in there. I had to stop myself from buying three pairs of Betsey sunglasses and as many Betsey tights!


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