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(Above swatch, Stila SPF 30 Tinted Moisturiser, and below, Liz Earle)



Like a few fellow beauty bloggers I was kindly invited to try out the new tinted moisturiser from Liz Earle. Now, as I suspect your dashboard and reading lists are full of thoughts about this product, I’m going to keep it super sweet and hope that in particular this review will help my pale porcelain loving beauties to find something pale enough for our snow white complexions.

After a long time in the making Liz Earle is finally breaking into the beauty market with her new tinted moisturiser, named, ‘Sheer Skin Tint’ which is described as, a creamy formula with mineral UV protection SPF15 and is lovingly blended with a natural source of vitamin E, borage and avocado, plus a ton more specially selected blend of botanicals. That ticks all the right boxes for me, and also, of course the fact that Liz Earle is a cruelty free brand, woop! Now I don’t actually use much tinted moisturiser, or foundation for that matter, as some of you know, but I was really excited to try this product as a sheer amount of coverage is just what I like. But so that I won’t bore you, I’m going to list the good things I like about it, and the not so good.

Skin type: Combination/Dry/Sensitive

The Good

♥ They say it gives a natural dewy finish, and it really does give a gorgeous glowy finish.

♥ It is so moisturising it feels like it’s ‘feeding your skin’, if you get what I mean!

♥ Gives buildable coverage.

♥ Some people have commented on a weird smell they get from it, but I like it! But then, I’m used to natural sunscreen type of scents.

The Bad

♥ Waaaaay too dark for me. This would be good if you have normal light skin, but not if you’re super pale like me. For the record, I am barely a MAC NW15.

♥ Needs quite a lot of time to sink in, so if you have oily skin, allow enough time to sink in.

♥  Takes a little while to blend in, and can look a bit ‘sticky’ in oily patches.

Overall: I think this is very comparable to tinted moisturiser experiences I have had with Stila and Bobbi Brown, and so in that way I really enjoyed using it. It left my skin with such a lovely glow and I love how moisturised my skin felt. However, my one issue was how dark it was for me, and I think this is something not many other reviewers will state because I am so abnormally pale, so I wouldn’t worry about that so much if you have typically light skin! I have heard that Liz Earle will be releasing more shades which is fantastic to hear and I hope they release something a lot paler, as you can see how dark it looks compared to a Stila tinted moisturiser I have. Other than that, this felt really more like a moisturising treat for my dry, poorly sensitive skin! So if you have very oily/acne prone skin I’m not sure how well you would get on with this.

OH and one more thing. Even though I have mostly dry skin, when I first applied this it was like an oil slick but after about 5 to 10 minutes it soaked in and left me with the dewy finish, albeit maybe slightly too oily on my T zone. So, my top tip would be to let this sink in, but that goes for all tinted moisturisers. It’s not like foundation!

That’s pretty much it, I really hope the review helped! This product won’t be released until next month, and you can find out more here. It is going to retail for £21 I believe, which I would definitely pay, if the matching was right.



  1. great review, I'm glad you stated that it's a little bit dark for paler skins cause I have Snow White skin too, I really hope they realise a little tone cause I love their skincare products and really want to try this xx

  2. Lovely blog.

  3. Lovely review, I'm actually really excited about this product, it seems like it's going to be amazing <3 Oh, and you eyelashes look FAB! :)

  4. Dying to try this! Great review.

  5. One of the best reviews I've read of this product. Lovely pics too.
    Nic x


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