A present from me to you this bank holiday…

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beau xoxo label 3 inch

I haven’t blogged about my shop in a while because I’ve been busy crafting away, but I’m back to let you know that all this bank holiday weekend I am giving you a lovely 10% to use at my shop. All you have to do is enter ‘BANKHOLIDAY’ at checkout BUT just to let you all know that Etsy has a place at checkout for coupon codes. Don’t leave it in the notes to seller because unfortunately it won’t go through. I have a lot of people who say it hasn’t gone through, but it’s because of that. A little annoying, but I love that Etsy now does coupon codes.

In other news, I’m still not feeling 100% right now. It’s kind of normal to feel like this under my current circumstances but it’s making things like blogging difficult because I have to have a certain level of coherence and concentration. Having said that, this weekend I have made about £100 of wire headbands, so huge yay for that level of productivity! I just need to adjust now to my ‘feel better days’ and I should be on a role.

Enjoy the long bank holiday weekend if you have one, and I will be back to blogging soon :). Oh and how silly, I better leave the link for my blog. Duuuh. Tis here.



  1. Ah I love the Leopard print one so much.... *Trots off to check bank balance* xxx

  2. @ Charli!- Awww glad you like it! It's been really popular!



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