NOTD: Sinful Colors Professional ‘Cream Pink’ Nail Polish





Just a really random, short post today because I’m feeling really tired now, a bit meh and may  fall asleep whilst typing this out if I don’t get to bed soon! I know, I’m so rock ‘n’ roll at the moment it’s unbelievable, but in all seriousness, due to my illness, I’m thinking of completely changing my blogging pattern. I always blog in the evening, but I’m not going to start doing posts when I feel awake and well, and will start posting in the afternoons. Anyway, that was a random thought in general, but I know sometimes say they missed my posts because I have a habit for posting at night when everyone is asleep!

So back to the post content! I haven’t done a NOTD in forever so when I did my nails I thought I would show you a photo. I absolutely love this nail polish. I got it when I went to Spain and it is from the infamous Primor stores that are across Spain (kind of like their version of Superdrug). However I know Sinful Colors isn’t a Spanish brand, but I found the brand there and have never seen it in the UK. The colour is kind of creamy ish I guess, but more of a golden-pink with this really lovely ‘neony’ tone which I adore. I’m a pink freak like that ;) haha. But I’m really frustrated that it just didn’t want to be photographed accurately. It’s such a gorgeous, unique shade in real life but looks a little flat in the photos. I took some more photos when we went for a day out at Mottisfont Abbey which is a gorgeous spot I would highly recommend visiting.

Let me know what adorns your nails at the moment, I’m always looking for new shades! Oh and PS if you fancy winning yourself a Sinful Colors Polish, as well as some Sleek Pout Paints, Barry M and a gorgeous handcrafted necklace then don’t forget to enter my summer giveaway here.



  1. That's such a gorgeous colour! I haven't heard of Sinful Colours before.
    Hope you feel better soon <3 xx

  2. Gorgeous colour, feel better x

  3. I adore Mottisfont, it's one of my favourite places :D

  4. Beautiful colour!

    Emma x

  5. I love sinful colours its the best...!!!!


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