Hauling from Spain






So I don’t normally do hauls but I think it’s fun to show hauls from other countries because the things you can get can be really unique. As some of you know I adore sparkly pots and so Spain was glorious for me as they are everywhere! I am going to put some more on my dressing table and then store pens in the others. Love, love, love them!

The next photo down is some more typical Spanish things. The ubiquitous fan, of course, which is an absolute necessity in the Spanish heat, let me tell you now! The other photo is other little bits and bobs I picked up, including the cute bunny tray from Zara (which pop up in every single Spanish city you visit!) which you know I’m all over, being the weird little thing I am! The little monkey is from Gibraltar and he is the sweetest little thing!

Finally some beauty goodies, of course! I begun an obsession with the store ‘Primor’ which is kind of like our version of Superdrug. They had NYX which I was so surprised about as not even the UK has that! So many pretty things but I just picked up the one jumbo eye pencil. The main interest for me was the brand Essence, whose stand was just wow. They had so many amazing looking products and best of all, so, so cheap (actually best of all: they don’t test on animals!) I believe Essence are a German brand, the website is here. I haven’t tried any of the products yet, but I’ll let you know what I think.

But best of all I have discovered a new brand I have never heard of before, and their store reminded me so, so much of Inglot. They are called KIKO (again, no animal testing!) and I visited their shop in Malaga and it is like a little Aladdin’s Cave full of colour and the choice of products is incredible. I couldn’t decide what I wanted and was trying to be sensible, knowing that some may be dupeable, but I picked up these two primers and a nail oil. I love all three of these things already so I can’t wait to try more from the range. KIKO is actually an Italian brand but I believe they have a few stores across Europe.

I’d love to know what you think of any of the brands I mentioned above, or what you like to get on holiday.



  1. I LOVE the nail polish in the rose bottle, it's so cute! Great haul, so jealous!

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  3. Love the little sparkley pots! I found some on holiday too so I bought a wee blue one! Too cute x

  4. Oh wow you got some really great goodies, I esp like the little pots and trinkets. It's what I always look for when I'm abroad.

    L x

  5. Fabulous haul! I love the little pots and I wish Essence was easier to get over here.


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