Day 9 Granada: ‘Stare a sleepy smile into a sun beam, there's nothing more than a daydream…’

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Dress: Topshop

Hat: H&M

Bag: New Look

Shoes: New Look

Sunglasses: Cutie Dynamite

I had a hard time picking decent photos for this outfit because there weren’t really any! It was so hot and stuffy in Granada that my Mum was less than impressed at outfit photo taking! haha. Anyway I’m wearing this yellow butterfly dress from Topshop. I got it months ago when Topshop had their amazing (and quite frankly, something they should do a lot more often!) 20% student discount and my Mum and I kind of borrow it; however she wears it more as a tunic with leggings. Everything else is the same stuff you’ve already seen, so standard.

I was expecting to fall in love with Granada but honestly I didn’t like it as much as Seville or Malaga. The Alhambra, the Moorish citadel and palace is definitely the must see of the visit and worth looking around. Like I say, I love Moorish architecture. But be warned that if you go in the summer it’s seriously exposed up there. So, so hot! It’s way too much for me, but if you’re a sun lover you would be fine. The actual city centre itself is okay, but like I said, not my favourite. Also if you decide to visit this city be warned that you will need quite a bit of Spanish to get by. I have an amazing Spanish get by guide that I didn’t part myself from the whole holiday!

And that is my whole Spanish holiday outfits wrapped up. I really hope you enjoyed seeing how I pack for my holidays, and the kind of things I wear. I had the most amazing week and a bit in this part of Spain and would highly recommend it to any of you thinking of going. Now I’m back I’ve had a bit of a break from normal outfit posts, but I’ll get back on it as soon as :), OH and yes, that is a pigeon eating paella, oh yes it is!!!



  1. I love your dress, especially the unusual neckline. Sounds like you had a great time away :) x

  2. @ Torieee- Yes it's a really cute dress, and thank you! I had a great time :).



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