Day 8 Malaga: ‘Coloured stained glass cathedral, confines a past that won’t let you go…’

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Dress: Yumi

Hat: H&M

Bag: New Look

Shoes: Miss Selfridge

Sunglasses: Cutie Dynamite

The penultimate outfit from my holiday is this gorgeous rabbit print dress from Yumi. I love it so much! You all know (or maybe not if you’re a new reader) that I have a very strange obsession with anything bunny printed! Unfortunately it’s not for sale anymore as it was part of the summer range but Yumi do very similar printed dresses so make sure you check out their website.

On this day we did the typical touristy things in Malaga. We visited the cathedral which is very beautiful, but I preferred the one in Seville. We then also visited the old Roman theatre and the palace. The weather this day was thankfully quite bearable so we managed to do a ton. I’m not well suited to a Mediterranean climate!

That’s pretty much everything I can remember about that day. Today on the other hand has been very different. I have been making little tulle hair pretties whilst watching ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’ season 6 because you girls got me addicted on Twitter because I never knew who they were! Then in the afternoon I had an echocardiogram so it’s all fun, fun, fun! haha. Anyway  hope you enjoyed the outfit from this day in Malaga. PS: Don’t forget to enter my big summer giveaway which ends soon! Click here to enter.



  1. Love the dress! Lovely photos too :)

  2. @ Sophie Isobel- Thank you lovely :)


  3. Who visited so many amazing places, love the photos!
    Hope you're feeling better :) xx

  4. I love that dress! I've always seen your love for Yumi on your blog and I finally got to go to one of their shops whilst I was on holiday in Cornwall. They have some gorgeous things and I got a beautiful dress :) xx

  5. @ Glitter Detector- Yeah doing these outfit posts has made me realise how many places we visited. Oh thank you, yeah, I'm doing okay :)

    @ Sadie K- Awww yay I'm so, so pleased to hear! Which dress did you get? And which Yumi was it?


  6. There is a picture of me in the dress on my blog in my last post. I got it from the St Ives store :) xx


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