Day 7 Gibraltar: ‘Hey, hey we’re The Monkees, and people say we monkey around…’

















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I apologise massively for how photo heavy this post is, but there were just so many camera moments on our day trip to Gibraltar that I got a bit carried away! I’m not really posting any outfit details because I’m wearing pretty much the same as I did for day two which you can look back on here, except the shoes are different. They are the Miss Selfridge jelly shoes I talked about here.

I really enjoyed my day trip in Gibraltar and I’ve always been curious to day. It really is very, very British in terms of Royal Mail post boxes, red telephone boxes, high-street shops in abundance and English looking pubs and what not, but the weather and general landscape truly makes you feel very far from home! Oh and the monkeys make it feel pretty exotic too!

From Malaga it wasn’t too long a drive, maybe an hour and a bit, and once you’ve done all the passport checks and what not, you arrive in mini England! We stopped for lunch immediately in a Wetherspoons type of pub and I was all set to order in Spanish until I remembered that I could slip back into English now! My Spanish speaking isn’t great but I can understand and talk it enough to get by fine.

If you ever go to Gibraltar you absolutely must go and explore the infamous rock where the famous Barbary Apes of Gibraltar live! You can get a cable car up, or a taxi but the first option looked so exhausting, because once you get up there it’s quite a walk still, and the taxis are notoriously very expensive. So we went with a tour company and it was about £20 per person, but that included a tour around all the sites up there like the caves etc. I would highly recommend it. And yes, the monkeys are everywhere, literally!  I adore animals so I really wanted to see them, but if you’re not too keen in a very open wildlife space, it’s probably best avoided! But they are the cutest and funniest things ever, but then, aren’t all monkeys! I have literally gazillion of photos and videos of them doing such funny proper Kodak moments but I’ll leave you with the above. The one playing with the shirt was so sweet. He was swinging around on all the shirts so much the lady from the shop had to come out and battle him away with her broom! She was a bit defeated there to be honest!

I only have two more outfits from my time in Spain and then I’ll get back to doing some more ordinary OOTDs. Hope you enjoyed my little Gibraltar post, definitely go if you’re in the area! Oh and yes, there’s a Topshop! Happy, happy days! Ohhhh and one more thing. It seems the comments are working a little better for some. I unclicked ‘keep me signed in’ on something and that worked better, but it’s still not right I know, I just don’t know how to fix it!



  1. Great pictures! I have those Jelly shoes- they are great! :) Have a wonderful rest of trip xx

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  3. @ Computergirl- Awww yay they are so cute aren't they? Oh and thanks, I'm actually back now, but it was an amazing trip :).


  4. It looks like so much fun, I'd love to see all the monkeys. So weird that it's all sunny and warm but English!
    I love your sunglasses!

  5. oh gosh, are the monkeys free? like walking around everywhere????

    xo lala

  6. Oh my, it looks amazing! I wish I was there!

  7. @ Fritha Louise- Haha I know, so weird!

    @ Lala- Yes totally free! They're on cars, running on walls, hanging around the gift shop! You certainly wouldn't need to find them!

    @ Sophie- It's such a fun place! :).



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