Day 6 Malaga: ‘It's not always rainbows and butterflies it's compromise that moves us along…’

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Dress: New Look (from the 915, aka kids section!)

Bag: New Look

Earrings: New Look

Sunglasses: Cutie Dynamite

So I need to finish my Spanish outfit series, I am so, so slack it’s embarrassing! But anyway this is actually an outfit I wasn’t going to bother with because it’s just from a random meal we had when we got back late from a day trip, but the dress is so pretty I had to feature it. I never, ever thought I could wear maxi dresses, and I still know I can’t pull one off, but my top tip for petite girls like me would be to buy one from the kids section! This one came from New Look and it is actually sized as age 14 but fits perfectly! Having said that, it is barely short enough, and even with heels there’s no way I could walk around in one of these in the day! Just so you know, because sometimes I get asked how tall I am, let’s just say I’m only just 5ft!

I’m so sorry the photos aren’t that good, it was getting quite late in the evening and we had been out all day. Oh and for the record, I wouldn’t have worn those earrings with the dress because to me it’s a bit much, but like I said, we’d only just got back from a big day trip and I literally just put this dress on and forgot to do anything else!

Hope you’ve all had a nice weekend. I’m annoyed that for some reason a) quite a lot of people can’t comment on my blog, and b) that it won’t let me comment on mine or others. I had the latter problem a while ago and now it’s returned. Grrrr. So please excuse the fact I’m not responding in the comments or on your blogs, I promise I’m not being rude! If you have any suggestions on how to fix it, let me know (if you can comment that is!!!).



  1. Lovin that lipstick with those glasses!

    Lynz xx

  2. Such a lovely dress, it really suits you!
    For some reason, I thought you were really tall! :) x

  3. Awesome shades! Which lippie and nail polish are you wearing? xx

  4. @ Lyndsey Elena- Thank you lovely!

    @ Hayley- Haha, naaaah I'm a tiny, tiny thing ;).

    @ Kimberley-Anne- Thanks sweet! It's Topshop Brighton Rock lipstick and Nubar Coral Belize nail polish :).


  5. You look stunning, such a lovely dress xo

  6. I adore your dress & sunglasses! xx

  7. You have just the maxi dress I need !! But I also need some sun.....!!


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