Day 5 Malaga: ‘'Everything you can imagine is real’, Pablo Picasso

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Dress: New Look (from the 915, aka kids section!)

Hat: H&M

Bag: New Look

Shoes: New Look

I’m sorry I’m not being very consistent with my holiday outfit posts! After a few days in the gorgeous Seville we moved to Malaga. A very different, but nonetheless very charming city. It is of course famous for being the home of Pablo Picasso, and as I am a huge art fan I was very excited to visit his home and the beautiful museum they have. Now I know Picasso is very much love and hate but I kind of sit in the middle, and admire his work hugely. So first stop was of course the museum which is set in a very Spanish building with a gorgeous courtyard outside. It is thankfully a lot cooler than Seville, which I know sounds strange for an English girl to complain about the heat, but honestly, I’m not used to the 40 degrees in Seville! I’m actually wearing a New Look kids dress, but it is so gorgeous! I tried to get a photo of the pattern, but it has netting underneath and is actually such good value for a dress like this.

The museum was packed with Picasso’s work from very early on in his Malaga years, to later in his life. There was also a fascinating exhibition with his photographer friend David Douglas Duncan. I would highly, highly recommend going to this museum if you’re in the Malaga area and love art in general. The website is here and I got in free as a student! Later in the day I decided to get more of a Picasso experience and also visited his birthplace, which is just a flat near the main centre. At the moment there are roadworks going on so it’s a nightmare to find, and when you get there, there isn’t tons to see, but it is free entry and so worth a look. The website for that is here.

That pretty much sums up this day! After such an arty, educational day I wondered back to the shops and found a LUSH, of course! I have a photo of me outside, but one of the shop assistants looks confused and I wouldn’t want them to see the photo in case they weren’t happy for it to go up!!! But yes it’s one of my sad things that I do on every single holiday: a) find a LUSH and b) have photo outside one! I’ve grown up around LUSH so it’s just a silly thing I love to do ;).



  1. Love your dress, very pretty :).

    Sadie x

  2. @ Hannah- Thank you, I love it :).

    @ Sadie- Aww thank you :).



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