Day 3 Seville: ‘When I hear a guitar, I feel the urge to weep, because I remember Spain, land of my dreams’

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Dress: Darimeya

Bag: New Look

Shoes: New Look

In the day we had a little wander around the gorgeous streets of Seville again, and in the evening we went to an amazing Flamenco evening at this gorgeous little restaurant…well, I’m not exactly sure what it is to be honest, but it’s tucked away in the heart of the old town. It’s called Tablao El Arenal, and is housed in a 17th century building, renovated to offer full dinner, tapas dinner and a bar, offering you the chance to see a truly memorable Flamenco evening accompanied by a meal or a drink. Apparently some of the artists have won national and international dance awards, and has been hailed as the best flamenco show in Seville by the New York Times. The decoration and atmosphere in the main dining room is pure Andalusian, and as it is such a small venue, you get a fantastic view no matter where you are. If you happen to be in Seville and want to know more then the website is here. It was such a lovely evening, and something I will always remember. The artists were outstanding!

So to suit the occasion I thought this Darimeya dress would be perfect. My Mum and I actually share it, and it’s technically hers, but I do borrow it an awful lot! She looks a million times better in it than me, my Mum is a little annoying like that, but I love how we share clothes! We got it from the Topshop in Oxford Street in 2009 I think. It’s so gorgeous, and I just adore the cameo print. Darimeya is a super cute brand, and I believe there is now a store in Carnaby Street, but don’t quote me on that! Still, you can check them out on their website here.

And that’s it! More outfit photos from my holidays to follow. Oh and I am SO sorry for the mirror pose, check back on my other holiday posts to see why!!!



  1. Love that dress, you look really pretty! xx

  2. @ Lovelain94- Aww thank you lovely. I think this is one of my favourite dresses!


  3. I have this dress but you look heaps better in it than me :) I hate the bust area as it emphasises my bust :P xo


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