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Afternoon lovelies! I haven’t done a giveaway in forever and quite frankly, it’s been far too long! So today I am delighted to be holding this sweet, sweet giveaway courtesy of I Love Crafty. I have blogged about this lovely little shop many times now, and so if you want to read more simply click here, but basically it is a gorgeous little crafty shop in Bristol, selling the cutest designs you could imagine by Laura, the owner, and a whole host of other local artists. You can also shop my wire headbands here too! So as a disclaimer I would like to say that I am linked to the shop in so much that my designs are sold here, and Laura kindly offered me one of her gorgeous cake necklaces, which I picked for one of my lovely readers! However I received nothing for this giveaway, nor did I receive any payment. Just wanted to be open about that!

So you will win the above totally scrumptious pink cake complete with glitter frosting with pink flowers and cream, but be warned, it is not edible! As a little bonus, I will be throwing a sweet treat in from my shop and you can either pick yourself a lovely wire headband or I can custom make something especially for you. On top of that, you will win everything in the first photo which includes:  Accessorize Japanese Comb, Barry M eyeshadow trio, Lime Crime ‘Cupcake Thief’ Magic Dust,  Sleek Pout Paints in Minx, Rosette and Milkshake, Sinful Colors nail polish in ‘Pinky Glitter’ and Barry M Nail Effects in black. The gorgeous necklace is from Laura’s collection which you can see here and is worth at least £10. All the details are below. Good luck everyone!

How to enter:

♥ All you need to do is leave a comment below (only to this post) letting me know your favourite sweet treat. It can be anything from delicious cake (maybe like the above!) to cupcakes, Cadbury milk chocolate to Love Hearts, absolutely whatever! If you’re not a fan of sweet things then just tell me your favourite treat!

♥ Alongside your sweet treat please let me know how you would like to be contacted should you win. For example, email address, Twitter name etc etc.

♥  Finally to enter this giveaway you must either follow I Love Crafty on Facebook. But don’t worry if you don’t have Facebook, you can also follow I Love Crafty on Twitter or the blog, just make sure you let me know in the comments which you are following! The links are below, you don’t have to do all three, but feel free to!:

  • I Love Crafty Facebook- Follow here.
  • I Love Crafty Twitter- Follow here.
  • I Love Crafty Blog- Follow here.

♥ For an additional 3 entries you can Tweet about the giveaway! If you do this, let me know! You could tweet something like: ‘Win sweet make up and jewellery treats from @dreamsglitterxo and @ilovecrafty here’

♥  Giveaway ends 04/09/11 midnight GMT.


♥ Anyone can enter, so this is an International giveaway. Just make sure you can receive parcels from the UK and you’re in!

♥ If you’re under 18 make sure you get parental permission because I will need your address to send you the lovely prize.

♥ If the winner does not respond within 48 hours I will pick someone else.

♥ Winners will be drawn using



  1. Please enter me :)
    My favourite sweet treat is Victoria Sandwich!
    Following I Love Crafty on Twitter (@Mmmkaii)

  2. Ooh enter me please :)
    My favourite sweet treat is tirimisu, I have some tonight actually!
    I'm following I Love Crafty on Facebook (Hayley Warren)
    I also tweeted (@xhjw)

  3. Ooo enter me please! This necklace is too cute.
    My favourite sweet treat would have to be Milk bottles (You know the ones you get from pink n mix!) absolutely LOVE them.
    I am following I Love Crafty on twitter (@onlyhalfdressed)
    And to contact me, my twitter is probably best ^^

    L x

  4. Oh it's so hard to pick my favourite... think I'll have to go for candy floss though :)

    I am following I love crafty's blog :)

  5. Please enter me-beautiful necklace :)

    My favourite sweet treat is Creme Brulee in any colour or any flavour yummy!
    Im following I Love Crafty on Twitter (@mmcclelldesigns) and Facebook (Michelle McClelland)

  6. Enter me please!
    My favourite sweet treat is Chocolate Cake, specially the one that my mom does.
    You can contact me on my email or twitter @glitterdetector. I follow I Love Crafty on twitter and on Blog and I tweeted about the giveaway!/glitterdetector/status/87577763183214592, and I follow you on both places too xx

  7. hey :)
    enter me please!
    my favourite sweet treat is probably...hmmm... chocolate fudge cake!


    I'm following ILoveCrafty on facebook (jade hewitt)

    also following on twitter (toofat4fashion)

    and followed the ILoveCrafty Blog (my blog is

    I've also tweeted about the giveaway (toofat4fashion)

    and please contact me via email if I win... fingers crossed!!!


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  9. I love Ice Cream just about any flavor.


  10. I love Percy Pigs from M&S, I could eat a ton!

    I can be found here:

    I am following Crafty on Twitter & I tweeted too (@miss_birrell)

  11. Oooo enter me pleasee!

    My favourite sweet treat is;
    "poisen apples" aka halloween red toffee apples dipped in coloured sprinkles :)

    Contact me at;

    I'm following the I Love Crafty blog. :) xox

  12. Please enter meee! :)
    My fave treat is terrys chocolate orange :)

    I am following I love crafty on twitter @laurenroseparis + facebook., please email me if I am lucky enough to win!

    awesome prizes!!

    lauren xo

  13. This is such a cute giveaway! The necklace is adorable!

    My favourite sweet treat is chocolate, I am a chocoholic! My favourite at the moment is the Cadburys Chocos, the same shape as Rolos but pure chunks of Cadburys chocolate - amazing!

    I follow I Love Crafty on Twitter, I also tweeted about the giveaway!/xXxStundonxXx/status/102860030335922178

    Thanks for the chance to win!


  14. Such a cute cake necklace!
    My favourite sweet treat is caramel Freddo's! I buy one everyday, I'm an addict :P
    I'm following I Love Crafty on Twitter (@Gemx)

  15. Ooooohh what beautiful things!!

    My favourite sweet treat has to be chocolate profiteroles - absolutely the most yummy thing ever :D

    I am following you on twitter,
    My twitter name is @tinkerb311a
    I have tweeted about your comp

    I can be contacted via twitter or email I don't mind which one :D

    Thank you!

  16. This is such a lovely giveaway!
    My sweet treats are crunchie rocks, a family sized bag!
    I'm following I Love Crafty on twitter: @rebeccalucyh.
    I tweeted the above tweet too.
    My email is xxx

  17. Enter me please :) My favourite sweet treat is those chocolate puddings that melt in the middle, mmmm!


    I'm following I Love Crafty on Twitter (@AmyKAnderson25), and I've also tweeted about the giveaway :)


  18. My fave sweet treat is Revels, I literally can sit and eat several grab bags in a row and not get bored, I have a serious sweet tooth though and so there are lots of other things that grab me too, including that cake necklace, it looks yummy!
    I am following all three of the options, as I am a total social media addict, so I am Georgina Carr on FB, @MsBennett881 on twitter, and if I won this email would be great:

  19. Enter me please :). My fave sweet treat is cheesecake!

    I can be contacted via email at

    I followed on Twitter as toblushornot17 and I tweeted the giveaway here:!/toblushornot17/status/102878991723147264

    Thanks for the lovely giveaway!

  20. Hi there!!
    My favourite sweet treat is the Galaxy Cookie Crunch bar.
    I'd be grateful if you could contact me by email - if I'm lucky enough to win!
    I am following you on Twitter - I'm @fi0nak. Thanks :)

  21. My favourite sweet treat is galaxy cookie crumble, it heaven.

    I follow I Love Crafty on twitter (at KatBeautyAddict), my email is, and I have tweeted

  22. I want in!
    I love the chocolate cake, I can eat tons :))
    GFC follower: Alexandra Andrei
    Tweeted here:!/_imasupergirl_/status/103006450263134208
    This is my e-mail for contact: alex_sup3rgirl at yahoo dot com

  23. Hi

    I have liked your fb book as I don't have twitter.

    I love all those items they are gorgeous.

    My fave sweet treat has got to be chocolate fudge cake and cream.


  24. My favourite Sweet Treat is Haribo Hearts... I buy whole packs of star mix and just pick the hearts out! noooom!
    I have followed you everywhere and tweeted :) is probs the best way to contact me.. or tweet @littlelottieg

    Love your blog + giveaway :)

  25. My favorite Treat would have to be, strawberry & banana smoothies.. Mmmm.

    I follow your blog through GFC, my name: Comme3pommes

    If I were to win, I would like to be contacted via email at:
    ohhhcomme3pommes (at) gmail (dot) com

    Thanks :)

  26. my favorite sweet treat, definitely red velvet cupcakes!!! <3
    following on facebook!

  27. please entre me

    i am not a cake person but i do love a good cupcake
    I am following i love craft on twitter and facebook


  28. Please enter me

    I'm not much of a sweet person but i am known to induldge to the odd veggie haribo sweets, yummy!

    I'm following you both on twitter (allthingsgirly_)

    Contact me on either twitter or e-mail

  29. This is so hard, I love all things sweet but my favourite would have to be, candy floss. Fun fairs are just too cute!I love 'I Love Crafty' and am following on all three accounts.

    Contact: or tweet @EmmaMatthewz

    I will also sweet about your give away.

    Emma x

  30. This is such a sweet little giveaway, I'd love to be entered please :)
    My favourite sweet treat is Dairy Milk Crunchie chocolate.
    I'm following I Love Crafty on Twitter (SophieIsobel92)
    I've also tweeted :)

  31. Please enter me :)

    My favourite sweet treat is Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. These are american so are expensive to get to the UK but are ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS. (incredibly fattening also but mostly DELICIOUS)

    I have followed on twitter, please contact me on there @hjlx
    this is so exciting!!

  32. please do enter me :)

    my favourite sweet is russian fudge! so easy to make and so morish! (you can't have just one piece!)

    if i won (fingers crossed) i would love to be emailed -

    I follow I love crafty of face book (Leya Sara Jacob)

    Thanks! (i'm off to make some russian fudge)

  33. What a lovely giveaway. I'm following I Love Crafty's blog via Google Friend Connect (Laura Jaye).

    My favourite sweet treat is either Sponge Birthday Cake or Angel cake. Definitely a cake girl. xxxx

  34. please enter me :) my fave sweet treat is home made tablet. yummmm!!!
    I follow ilovecrafty on twitter @debdobdoornob

    please contact me by email:

    thanks xx

  35. Enter me please :)

    My favourite sweet treat is Millionaire's Shortbread!
    Contact : or twitter @sarahlou88xoxo

    I'm following I love Crafty on FB, Twitter & their blog :)

    Have also tweeted (@sarahlou88xoxo)


  36. Enter me please :)
    My favourite sweet treat is chocolate brownies! Or fudge. Or brownies. I can't pick!
    Liked on Facebook (Jess Smith)
    mustbeadreamer [at]
    Thank you!


  37. Please enter me :)

    Favourite treat.. Starbucks signature hot chocolate with loads of cream and chocolate dusting! yummy!

    I am following I love crafts on twitter

    Please contact me via twitter love_kaeb

  38. Hello! :)
    My favorite sweet treat are cupcake pops.They're a perfect way to enjoy a treat without feeling guilty about it.Plus,they're ADORABLE!

    I also 'liked' I love Crafty on FB.
    My FB link is:


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