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Make Up Bag




Make Up Bag Contents: Clinique City Block, MAC Shy Girl Lipstick, Topshop Brighton Rock Lipstick, No.7 SPF 15 Lipgloss, Benefit High Beam, MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural, MAC Moonriver Blush, Sleek ‘Oh So Special’ Palette, Topshop Saddle Kohl Pencil, MAC Goldyrocks Dazzleglass, 2 True Glitter Eyeliner, Urban Decay Primer Potion, Clinque High Impact Mascara, No.7 Lash 360 Mascara, Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer, Eylure Lashes and Glue.

Being a ‘beauty blogger’, you would perhaps assume that I take my whole dressing table with me when I travel, but in actual fact I would consider myself quite minimalist! I do travel about quite a bit, and so I know only too well what I do use, and what I don’t. If I visit a hot country then quite honestly I don’t want to bother with much make up. The most important thing to me in this climate is a high SPF, and that’s it! Actually I did a post on this last year and it turns out I’m packing pretty much identical stuff! This year however I have tried to get everything down to a small make up bag I got in Primark. Yes me and Primark. I know, I know, I have a love hate thing with the place, but the pattern of this make up bag is so pretty I just had to get it!

I decided this year to take my beloved Sleek 'Oh So Special' palette because it’s packed with neutrals, a highlighter and smoky colours that it suites every single occasion. I absolutely love it. Then of course a mini primer potion, too cute! For eyeliner I’m using this Topshop one, which is a gorgeous dark chocolate brown shade which I can use for tight lining, water lining, lid lining…and I’m now stuck for lining words! And for the evening I am taking a gorgeous glitter liner from 2True because I think it’s so pretty to have a glitter liner reflecting from the sun. Face wise, I don’t like wearing foundation, so instead I’m taking a little mini Clinique City Block with an SPF, my MAC mineralize skin finish natural if I need a bit more coverage and a Collection 2000 16 hour wear concealer in case of the dreaded spot attack! This is almost my skin tone but I have run out of my Dainty Doll and MAC and don’t have time to stock up. Doh. Finally of course lashes, and mascara. Yes I take lashes on holiday. I am an addict. No two ways about it!!! For lips, I’m afraid I am again a bit of an addict. I am taking a neutral shade (Shy Girl) with a neutral gloss (Goldyrocks) and then a hot pink (Brighton Rock), and then a lipgloss with an SPF (No.7). And an ickle baby High Beam, which was too adorable not to get when Glamour were tempting me to pick up their magazine just to get one.

Beauty Bag




Beauty Bag Contents: Good Things Face Wipes, Soltan SPF 50 Face, Charles Worthington SPF Hair Protector, Botanics Eye Make Up Remover, Naked Toner, Lee Stafford Flat Iron Mist, Boots 24hr Deodorant, Mark Hill SPF 6 Hair Serum, Clinique SPF 15 Eye Cream, Guerlain Insolence Perfume, Clinique Mild Facial Soap, No.7 Protect and Perfect SPF 15 Hand Cream, MAC Prep and Prime SPF 50, Hotel Conditioner, No. 7 Protect and Perfect SPF 15 Day Cream, China Glaze ‘Strawberry Fields’ Nail Polish, Boots Toothpaste, Boots Toothbrush, Natio Antioxidant Moisturiser.

In my beloved Betsey Johnson wash bag I carry all my beauty and hair bits which again last me well within a week. I won’t go through every little thing, but basically a lot of the Clinique things are freebies that came with Glamour magazine, I knew they’d come in handy! Rather than taking a whole thing of face wipes I take a few and place them in a little zip lock bag so that they stay nice and moist and that way I cut down on bulky packaging.  Otherwise my little hair necessities include a SPF protector from Charles Worthington, and a hair serum too. I don’t like my hair going light in the sun, so I have started this new regimen of sun protecting my barnet! Oh and a heat protectant is a must, because even if I don’t use my straighteners (ickle pink Topshop ones, FYI!) then I need something to protect my hair when blow drying with a hair dryer. When it comes to shampoo and conditioner I’m not too fussed. Hotels tend too always have shower gel and shampoo, so I am fine using those, but I do take a mini conditioner as my hair is so fussy. I’m actually taking one that I kept over from my holiday to Iceland. I got it from the hotel when I stayed, and it smells gorgeous and coconutty and leaves my hair surprisingly soft. And I can make do with the body lotion too, although I will take a little of my cream for eczema too.

And that’s me all set for my travels! But what do you think: high maintenance, or pretty minimalist? I really do try to take only what I use, but I also will take huuuuge bottle of SPF because I cannot be without those! In case you’re interested I pack my brushes and other non-liquid bits in my hand luggage. This is just what I put in my suitcase. Let me know what you pack when you’re travelling, or just going away for the weekend.



  1. I'm pretty good when travelling too, I take my absolute must have products with me and a few variations to go from day to night. Your selection seemed a very good choice and I'd say minimalist :D xxx

  2. This kind of posts are always my favourites, loved this one! I think it's minimalist and really organized, I can't wait to do my "what i'm taking with me on holidays" too xx

  3. Great post, I love deciding what products to take on holiday. I also take lashes on holiday with me haha x

  4. @ Kimberley-Anne- Yes that's exactly what I do, I'm glad you think I am a minimalist!

    @ Glitter Detector- Thank you! Look forward to seeing your post too.

    @ Sunshine Sam- Yay, another person who takes lashes on holiday! I am so glad I am not alone :).


  5. I'm terrible at packing make-up. I always tell myself to be smart and take the basics, which I do, then I always end up forgetting something! Really need to make myself a proper list. x

  6. Your makeup bag is soo pretty. Its really nice to see like you essential makeup :) x

  7. The Betsey Johnson Wash Bag is adorable! I really need to buy one which will fit all of my essentials in. I find it hard to decide which products to take and what not as I try to take the minimum but I do still like a bit of variation with my make-up etc, your post has helped me alot! xoxo

  8. You have an interesting beauty kit here. I usually bring a concealer and face powder with me along with my other handy products. My skin is very oily, which is why I just had a diamond peel treatment.


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